Somewhere Unusual To Stay

Photo @ Costa Verde

So, you’ve stayed in a hostel, tried Airbnb, and are now looking for something a little bit different for your next solo trip.

From underwater hotels, former prisons or wigwams, you are guaranteed to find somewhere different to stay. Sweden has a variety of unique accommodation including tree-houses and legendary ice-hotels but no matter where you are planning to visit around the globe you can find somewhere unusual to stay. Although most of these aren’t budget, they will be an experience you will never forget.

Somewhere Unusual To Stay

The colourful outside walls of Hostel Celica in Slovenia

In Jail

The Old Mount Gambier Gaol – Australia

If you’ve ever wanted to experience a night in a prison cell without being on the wrong side of the law, now you can. Aptly named ‘Gaol’ after the Olde English word for prison, you can experience prison in your own comfort. Some of the cells face onto a chapel courtyard and have the original prison doors. You can either stay in a dorm room or have a double cell to yourself (with an ensuite toilet).

Hostel Celica – Slovenia

This former prison turned funky hostel is in the bohemian area of Ljubljana in Slovenia, where you’ll find street art and shoes hanging from poles! There are 20 unique art cells within its walls and if you feel brave enough you can go downstairs to the basement to find out the history of this old Slovenia prison.

Somewhere Unusual To Stay

The Salt Hotel. Photo @ Phil Whitehouse

Back to Nature

The Salt Hotel – Boliva

Yes, this is a hotel made purely from salt. Everything from the walls, ceilings, tables and chairs are made from the world’s largest salt flats in Bolivia. This hotel is actually one of comfort. Situated on the shores of Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, you’ll feel as though you are in a luxury hotel, just made from salt!

Sala Silvermine Underground Suite – Sweden

It may not be for everyone but if you’ve ever wondered what sleeping underground feels like, how about a night sleeping 155 metres underground in one of the world’s most preserved mines? It may be cold and dark but the caverns and magic lakes make this old silver and lead mine a unique setting.

Wigwam Hotel – USA

It may be a bit touristy but staying in a wigwam with your own room shaped like a teepee is surely an adventure. Pretend to be a Native America Indian for the night in one of only two remaining Wigwam Motels along the historic Route 66 in the States.

Somewhere Unusual To Stay

Ice Hotel Church at Jukkasjärvi (photo @ bjaglin)

Ice Hotels

Ice Hotel – Sweden

It’s probably on your solo bucket list and if it isn’t then it should be. An ice hotel has to be one of the most unique places to stay with Sweden being the home of the original ice hotel.

Imagine waking up in your own atmospheric winter wonderland with everything sculptured from ice before enjoying a hot drink to warm you up for the day then going dog sledding before spotting the Northern Lights in the evening. 

Iglu-Dorf – Switzerland

Forget ice hotels, how about your very own igloo made of snow instead? Choose from a dormitory style igloo to a cosy, warm hot one where you can still have the igloo experience without freezing in the process. You get fed, and watered and a guide to walk you through the igloo village. It’s a great way of meeting others and you’ll find igloo hotels in numerous places in Switzerland.

Somewhere Unusual To Stay

Stay in a hobbit house in Woodlyn Park (photo @

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Woodlyn Park – New Zealand

With a choice of unusual accommodation, this park in New Zealand has it all. Choose from a plane, train or even a hobbit room in your own contained unit. There are 10 motel units to choose from with parts made from recycled and natural materials. Not everyone can say that they have slept in the Shire. 

Rail Holiday – England

Forget overnight train journeys through India or Thailand, how about sleeping on a train which doesn’t move? These converted railway carriages in Cornwall in the UK each have their own enclosed landscape gardens and are either near to acres of woodland or the beach. 

Costa Verde – Costa Rica

Experience first class without even taking off in this Boeing 727 in the middle of a coastal rainforest in Costa Rica. Enjoy the sounds of the jungle from your own jungle balcony above the wings. In its former life this vintage aircraft used to fly people to South Africa and Colombia. Now it caters for those who want to experience sleeping in a cabin in Costa Rica in the luxury of their own bed.

Somewhere Unusual To Stay

Tree house Vasteras (photo @ Mathias Klang)

In The Forest

Hippo Point Wildlife Sanctuary – Kenya

Spot the animals without leaving your room in this 360 degree viewing tower on Kenyan shores. This retreat has been rated as one of the best wildlife retreats in the world and the eight-story tower offers breathtaking views over Oloidien Bay so you can see zebra, giraffe, and hippos from above. The accommodation is in a classic British country house so if you’re from England you’ll feel right at home.

Canopy Tower Ecolodge – Panama

Imagine waking up in a room high up in the treetops with the sounds of the rainforest around you. The Canopy Tower is the perfect place to get up close and personal to motmots, toucans and dozens of other birds. You don’t even have to leave your accommodation to see them.

Tree Hotel – Sweden

Tree houses have come a long way since our childhoods. Yes you still sleep in the woods but instead of old wooden planks you’ll find capsules suspended from trees with a double bed and bathroom inside, not to mention your own terrace outside. You won’t be the only one here either as there is a variety of tree houses to choose from all – including a UFO – all overlooking the Lule River valley. 

Somewhere Unusual To Stay

Underwater Hotels

Utter Inn – Sweden

If you love the water you may like the Utter Inn. This underwater hotel looks just like a traditional Swedish house but instead of finding it on land it is situated in the middle of a lake. Perfect for those who love to swim and wake up with fish swimming past them. A least you don’t need to worry about the neighbours. 

Jules’ Undersea Lodge – USA

Here you can literally sleep with the fish but first you have to dive 21 feet to enter. If you haven’t yet got your Scuba diving certification you can combine your stay with a Scuba diving course then stay overnight in the lodge to celebrate.

Have you ever stayed somewhere unusual?

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