A Solo Trip To Paris


If you're planning a solo trip to Paris, below I share my honest experience of travelling to Paris alone

It claims to be one of the most romantic cities on Earth and I had chosen to spend five days in the French capital…as a solo. Being the very last stop on my sixteen-week tour of Europe, I had hoped that I had saved the best for last.

Paris in France was somewhere I had dreamed about going for a romantic weekend and having lived just a ferry ride away in the south of England for so long, I really had no excuse not to have visited sooner, except that I was of course – single. Being single and romantic European breaks don't usually go hand in hand, or so I thought…

TIP – If you are staying in Paris for 2,4 or 6 days, consider purchasing the Paris Pass. It gives free entry to more than 60 top Paris attractions as well as unlimited use of public transport. You’ll save some money during your trip and also make it easier for you to visit various tourist sites. * Buy the Paris Pass here 

Travelling To Paris Alone


Travelling To Paris Alone

Arriving into Paris at night, I felt it – the tingling of excitement as we drove past the Louvre, then the Effiel Tower. The magical feelings that London had once captured, now replaced by the draw of Paris. Okay, so the French accent may have been a plus and the fact that I think French men are the most charming men on the planet but this city was not how I imagined.

I had envisaged couples everywhere, kissing at iconic monuments, holding hands in French brasseries and gazing lovingly at each other on boat trips along the River Seine but there were hardly any couples in sight.

What do I love about it?

Everything. Paris is an amazing city to visit. If you are travelling to Paris alone, here are my favourite places to visit in Paris as a solo.

One big tip – if you are staying in Paris for a few days consider buying a Paris Museum Pass for 2, 4 or 6 days. You can visit more than 60 museums and monuments such as the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe.

Travelling To Paris Alone

Places To Visit in Paris as a Solo

1. Moulin Rouge

In the entertainment district is one of the most famous shows of all, with semi-naked dancers, girls swimming with snakes and a fab ventriloquist to keep you entertained in-between the shows. Did I also mention that you get to drink champagne if you take the package? It's a treat and a night to remember.

Travelling To Paris Alone

Travelling To Paris Alone

2. Eiffel Tower

Originally built for the World Exhibition in 1889, the Eiffel Tower was designed to be seen from any viewpoint. It’s a well-known landmark that represents the city of Paris. If you plan on visiting the city, you should definitely include the tower in your itinerary and you can always stay nearby in one of Paris' short term rentals on Airbnb. 

Take the elevator up the steel frame for a breathtaking view of Paris or just watch the tower from afar as it lights up and twinkles across the city on every hour. Discover more about the history of this iconic museum with a historic presentation and access to the summit.

Travelling To Paris Alone

3. Arc de Triomphe

Standing in the centre of a junction known as the Place Charles de Gaulle is the giant Arc de Triomphe. Commissioned by Napoleon, it was built to honour those who fought for France and is the largest arch in the world. It is home to the tomb of the unknown soldier and remains of national importance. Visit the rooftop for panoramic views from the terrace, or spend your evening dancing the night away in the nightclub beneath it!

Avenue des Champs Elysees

Champs de Elysees

4. Champs-Elysees

The Champs-Elysees is one of the most famous avenues in the world. It’s a great tourist spot to visit, especially if you prefer to look around the city leisurely. Take some comfortable shoes to walk along the wide boulevards, street cafes and Parisian buildings as the avenue is 2 kilometres long!

Le Louvre

5. Le Louvre

It's not all about the Mona Lisa (which is really small when you get a chance to see it through the crowds). There are so many rooms in this palace that you can spend hours and hours here and if you love art, Roman sculptures, and Ancient Egypt then you will literally be in your element.

There are more than 30,000 items at Le Louvre so get an audio guide to learn more about this world-renown museum. It does get very busy so be prepared to queue or buy advance tickets to save you waiting in line.

If you want to see all the pieces inside the museum, be prepared to allot half your day going around the place. This way, you can appreciate the artwork and won’t need to hurry to get to the other places on your itinerary in the same morning. 

Travelling To Paris Alone

6. Pierre Herme Chocolate

This French pastry chef is famous for his macarons and each year he surprises and surpasses his previous chocolate delicacies with fusions of new flavours such as apricot and pistachio or olive oil and vanilla. Although most people visit Laudree, a famous patisserie along the Champs Elysees, Pierre Herme's should definitely be tried. (Address – 72 rue Bonaparte).

Rodin's Museum

Travelling To Paris Alone

7. Rodin Museum

If you enjoy sculptures then you will love the Rodin Museum – my favourite sculptor and one of the most famous sculptors of our time. The world-renowned works of Auguste Rodin include The Kiss, and The Age of Bronze. Stroll through the sculpture garden for giant sculptures of The Gates of Hell and my favourite; The Thinker.

Travelling To Paris Alone

8. River Seine

The most well known of the French Rivers, the River Seine is 800 km long and flows from Dijon in the Alps. A mile and a half of the riverfront is now traffic-free with floating gardens. It’s a great place to visit after a long and busy day. Walk across one of the bridges or take a leisurely boat cruise along it.

Sacre Coeur - Travelling To Paris Alone

9. Sacre Coeur

The Sacre Coeur is a stunning basilica and one of the most iconic monuments in Paris. Originally built from contributions by Parisian Catholics, the Sacre Coeur is on the top of Montmarte hill, with lots of tourist shops for those Parisian gifts (and prints of the Mona Lisa). A visit here is definitely worth the climb up the hill. You could even save the Sacre Coeur towards the end of your trip to shop for some memorabilia you want to take home. 

Travelling To Paris Alone

Travelling To Paris Alone


10. Admire the View

You can't come to Paris without seeing a panoramic view of the city and there are a few different places to view the city. You can either see it during the day when the city is busy or at night when all the lights of Paris are on. I chose to climb the spiral staircase of the Sacre Coeur for just €6. There are 300 steps but the view is absolutely worth it.

Travelling To Paris Alone

Pere Lachaise Cemetery - Travelling To Paris Alone

11. Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Walking around a graveyard may seem like a strange thing to do but I can guarantee you won't be the only one doing it. It is one of the largest cemeteries in France and with fifteen famous people such as Jim Morrison and Edith Piaf buried here, it is definitely worth the spooky visit. It is huge though and very easy to get lost. I actually spent three hours here and left without seeing the tombstones I had come to see.

Travelling To Paris Alone

12. Paris at Night

Exploring Paris at night just highlights how amazing this city really is. If you don't fancy walking around in the evening by yourself then I recommend Discover Walks. Meeting at the Louvre palace, you get the chance to see a different side of the capital and walk around the truly Parisian area of Saint-Germain where the artists and intelligent people hang out.

Five days in this city really isn't enough. There is SO much to see that you will be walking for hours (so wear comfy shoes).

The conclusion – J'adore Paris! I have totally fallen in love with this city and you really shouldn't let being alone stop you from travelling here. It's so easy to get to from the UK with Megabus or Eurolines. Along with London, Shanghai and Dubai, Paris is up there for me.

It's not often I say this but: Paris, I will be back, only next time, it will definitely be on a romantic break – oh la la.

Travelling To Paris Alone

Best Areas To Stay in Paris For The First Time

Paris is easy to get around with the metro. If you're unsure where to stay in Paris, here are my recommendations. 

Le Marais: This historic district is a great choice for first-time visitors. It is centrally located and has plenty of attractions, such as the Place des Vosges, museums, and shops. Le Marais has a mix of old-world charm and modern style, with plenty of trendy cafes and restaurants.

Saint-Germain-des-Prés: This neighbourhood is known for its artistic and literary history, and it is a great option for those who want to explore Paris' cultural offerings. There are plenty of museums, galleries, and bookshops, as well as cafes and restaurants. Saint-Germain-des-Prés is also well-connected to other areas of Paris.

Latin Quarter: This area is known for its lively student vibe, with plenty of bars, cafes, and bookshops. The Latin Quarter is centrally located and has plenty of attractions, such as the Pantheon and the Sorbonne. It is also close to the Seine River and the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Montmartre: Montmartre is a picturesque neighbourhood located on a hill in the northern part of Paris. It has a bohemian vibe and is known for its artistic history, with many famous artists having lived and worked in the area. Montmartre has plenty of cafes, restaurants, and shops, as well as stunning views of the city from the top of the hill.

Travelling To Paris Alone

Travelling to Paris

I travelled to Paris from Munich for my very last stop on my Busabout pass – a hop-on hop-off service which I used for most of Western Europe. The hostel the bus drops you at is St Christopher's Canal which is a really clean, sociable hostel with your own curtain for extra privacy! I also stayed at The Loft Hostel, a funky boutique hostel with a fab design. Homelike has also been recommended to me for short lets in Paris although I am yet to use it personally. It could be a good option, especially if you prefer to rent an apartment or studio for yourself. 

Travelling To Paris Alone

Tours to France

If you are looking for some company on all or part of your trip, both G Adventures and Intrepid Travel are responsible tour companies and have group tours in France combining other European countries from 8 days to 15 days with prices starting at £909. Booking a tour instead of planning your trip by yourself will save you a lot of time. Additionally, it’ll make your trip less stressful as everything will be prepared for you. 

* Search for flights, trains and buses in Paris

7 thoughts on “A Solo Trip To Paris

  1. Sylvia

    Loved reading this! I am about to book a solo visit to Paris for the beginning of May. I typically only travel where I have family (free room and board!) , so this is my first real solo trip. I am making a note of all of your recommendations. Merci Beaucoup!

    1. Fanny Ballard


      Im in love with your site. I will be going to Paris in June. Do you recommend hostels or hotel to stay in??

  2. Luanne

    Thanks for posting this, I’m going to Paris “alone” in August although I have been there before on a tour but this time I’m just exploring by my lonesome, very exciting but also a bit nervous. I’ve been searching to read blogs from other female experience solo travelers to get their insights like you. I love traveling the world, just have no one with the mean to travel with… so it’s time to go to Paris, finally!!! 🙂

    1. norcle

      I was in Paris august this year alone:) the safest city I ever been in Europe so far. Paris is beautifull city and the people is very nice…I love to go back in Paris again:))


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