Solo Travel Tours Over 50

Don't let being alone stop you from traveling if you're in your fifties. Life begins at 50! This article covers the best destinations for those over 50, recommended tour companies for over 50s and ideas for different experiences for your next solo trip!

Embarking on solo travel after 50 opens up a world of self-discovery and seasoned wisdom. It's all about redefining your own boundaries, enjoying the freedom of newfound independence as you go on these solo adventures. Imagine immersing yourself in different cultures, making meaningful connections, and just soaking up the richness of exploring solo.

With all your life experiences, you navigate the world with confidence, enjoying the freedom to go wherever you want and relishing the joy of discovering the world on your terms. If you prefer some company for your solo trip, I've also included the best solo travel tours over 50 below. Happy planning!

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Best Destinations For Solo Travellers Over 50

Having travelled to 115 countries solo, I recommend these ten destinations that are known for their safety, cultural richness, and diverse experiences, making them great options for solo female travellers over 50:

  • Japan: Known for its safety, cleanliness, and polite culture, Japan offers a blend of tradition and modernity. I spent two weeks here and loved it!
  • New Zealand: The breathtaking landscapes, friendly locals, and outdoor activities make New Zealand an ideal destination for solo female travellers.
  • Iceland: With its low crime rates and stunning natural beauty, Iceland is a peaceful and adventurous choice (and you may get to see the Northern Lights!)
  • Canada: From the vibrant cities to the serene wilderness, Canada is known for its friendliness and long train journeys. The Rocky Mountains should definitely be on your list.
  • Australia: A diverse country with a variety of landscapes, Australia has friendly locals and a destination for any activity whether you're into culture, islands or city sightseeing. 
  • Netherlands: With its efficient public transportation and welcoming atmosphere, the Netherlands is a great destination for cultural exploration. It's small too!
  • Norway: Norway consistently ranks high in safety and has amazing landscapes to explore. The country is easy to navigate and it doesn't feel overwhelming. I've spent two months here and loved it. 
  • Switzerland: Known for its picturesque landscapes and efficient public transportation, Switzerland is safe and easy to navigate and where else can you sample some of the best chocolate in the world!
  • Portugal: A friendly and affordable destination with rich history and beautiful landscapes, Portugal is becoming increasingly popular among solo travellers especially those interested in wellness and spas. 
  • Puerto Rico: With its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and fusion of cuisine, Puerto Rico is a colourful destination known for its salsa music scene and warm sunshine. 
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Tours are a great way to see a country with company

Solo Travel Tours Over 50

Tour companies catering to women over 50 understand the desires of mature travellers. These companies curate experiences that blend adventure, cultural immersion, and comfort. Tailored itineraries, supportive guides, and a focus on like-minded companionship make these tours ideal for women seeking enriching and hassle-free travel adventures, especially if you're looking for a small group tour. 

Women Tour Uganda

If gorilla trekking in Uganda is a dream of yours, consider exploring with Women Tour Uganda. This company, which is proud to employ 90% women, is led by a Managing Director who is an avid solo traveler. She understands the significance of empowering women through travel and the unique challenges women face when traveling alone in a foreign land.

Women Tour Uganda crafts tours specifically for women, promoting travel and camaraderie in a group setting. They offer group safaris for solo travelers as well as private safaris for those who prefer a more solitary experience. Trekking adventures range from a 3-day excursion in Kibale National Park to a comprehensive 14-day tour that includes both gorilla and chimpanzee trekking. By the end of your journey, you'll have gained deep insights into the local culture, wildlife, and traditions of Uganda. I did gorilla trekking with them and loved it! Save 5% with the Solo Travel Card App! 

Just you solo adventures together logo.

Just You

If you're on the lookout for guided tours tailored for those aged over 50, Just You presents solo-guided vacations, ensuring stress-free and enjoyable travel experiences. You can take a group adventure in so many destinations from Africa, Asia, Europe, both North and South America, Oceania, and even extend to the scenic landscapes of Antarctica.

With over 15 years of expertise as specialists in solo travel, Just You has been crafting holidays exclusively for solo and single travelers. Embark on a classic tour through the charming landscapes of Portugal, the rich cultural tapestry of China, or the vast expanses of Canada. Alternatively, unwind along the picturesque coasts of Italy and Spain.

Their commitment to flexibility allows you to modify your booking at no extra cost. Guided by the mantra of ‘solo adventures together,' whether you opt for a brief getaway, a two-week retreat, or an extensive tour with ample free time, you have the opportunity to explore the world independently while enjoying the company of like-minded individuals. * Check prices, dates and itineraries: Just You

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Discover a diverse range of solo travel options tailored specifically for those aged 50 and above with Explore. Whether you're seeking a global getaway, a culinary adventure, or the flexibility of private or self-guided tours, Explore caters to your preferences.

As seasoned experts in adventure travel, they specialise in solo holidays designed for mature individuals, offering activities such as leisurely walking and scenic cycling routes. What sets Explore apart is their dedication to off-the-beaten-track experiences.

Among their top picks for solo travellers aged 50 and above is the Toubkal Climb in Morocco. Explore stands out as a tour company committed to sustainable travel practices, taking proactive measures in their supply chain to eliminate support for modern slavery or human trafficking during any of their excursions. * Check rate and itineraries for all worldwide tours

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Wendy Wu

Wendy Wu offers comprehensive escorted tours that cater specifically to solo travelers. Their packages cover everything, from flights and hotels to most meals, tours, transfers, and visas. This ensures a hassle-free travel experience, as all the details are taken care of for you. Wendy Wu even provides dedicated departures for solo travelers on select tours, creating a community of like-minded individuals.

In contrast to many other companies, Wendy Wu includes international flight prices in their packages. You can choose from a variety of destinations, such as Japan, Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia, China, or Vietnam.

And you also receive a complimentary lounge pass and chauffeur transfer within 50 miles of a UK airport. For those open to sharing accommodations with another solo traveler, Wendy Wu eliminates the single supplement.

Renowned as the UK's leading Asia specialist, Wendy Wu has earned numerous British Travel Awards. Prices start from £2,390 per person for a 10-day tour of India, featuring iconic landmarks like the Taj Mahal, Delhi, and Jaipur. * Check prices, availability and itineraries: Wendy Wu


Venus Adventurers logo.

Venus Adventures

Explore the world with empowerment as Venus Adventures, the leading travel company for women, beckons like-minded explorers to join their transformative journeys. Specializing in women-only holidays to captivating destinations, Venus Adventures offers a supportive environment for women to be their authentic selves. With a devoted following catching the travel bug, these curated trips are more than vacations; they are empowering adventures with a focus on female camaraderie.

Tailored for women who seek unique experiences, Venus Adventures takes them to extraordinary locations, ensuring the safety and comfort of group travel. From cultural immersions to adventurous escapades, each trip is designed for maximum enjoyment. Engage in activities crafted for women, from tea sessions with locals to thrilling adventures like desert camel rides.

Meet and connect with local communities, contribute positively through charitable initiatives, and adhere to responsible tourism practices. Join Venus Adventures for a transformative and exciting journey—a place where friendships blossom, challenges are embraced, and excitement becomes a way of life. * Check tours, prices and itineraries: Venus Adventures

Women-only tours.

Solo Female Travelers Club

If your preference is to embark on adventures with fellow females, the ideal choice is the Solo Female Travelers Club. This exclusive club offers women-only small group travel to captivating destinations like Iceland, Barcelona, the Costa Brava, Venice, the Amalfi Coast, and Morocco. You can also delve into the charm of popular European countries such as Portugal, Scotland, or Paris.

The club's wellness retreats elevate your travel experience with activities like sound healing, forest baths, and cacao ceremonies in Costa Rica. Alternatively, you can indulge in culinary delights and wine-tasting in Spain, savoring tapas and exquisite wines, or venture into the wonders of waterfalls and ice caves in Iceland.

Their small group tours and itineraries are designed with a focus on women's preferences, ensuring you derive the utmost enjoyment from each destination. * Check prices, availability and itineraries: Solo Female Travelers Club

Early morning view of the Pura Lempuyang gate in Bali.

Experiences For Over 50s

If you’ve never travelled solo before, a really good way of gaining the courage to go it alone is to book a holiday doing something that you love. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to cook French cuisine, dance Cuban Salsa or you just need a boot camp to get you in shape for a wedding you need to attend. That’s where these experiences come in.

Not only do you get to learn a new skill or do something that you really enjoy but you’ll get to be in a group with other like-minded people too. Plus, someone else arranges everything for you, so all you need to do is take a flight and turn up at your destination to be looked after. A great way of travelling solo.

Maybe you’ve solo travelled before and are looking for a unique experience to give your trip that added edge. Here are some ideas for holidays for solo travellers over 50.

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Book Yoga Retreats

Wellness and yoga holidays are a perfect fit for solo female travelers over 50, offering a rejuvenating blend of self-discovery and relaxation. These retreats create a supportive space for exploring physical and mental well-being, fostering connections and a sense of community among like-minded individuals.

Engaging in personalised yoga and wellness activities promotes holistic health, while serene settings encourage introspection and empowerment.

This platform curates a diverse range of global yoga and meditation retreats for all solo travellers. From tranquil 2-day escapes in Portugal to transformative weeks in Indonesia or immersive two-week retreats in Costa Rica or the United Kingdom or United States, the platform covers it all.

Offering convenient searches based on duration, destination, price, or popularity, it provides a transformative way to unwind and connect with kindred spirits on a similar journey. I love this platform! * Check prices, dates and itineraries: Book Yoga Retreats

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Art Safaris

See the world and paint as you go. Art safaris are a unique concept with painting tours all over the world. Paint azure skies in Crete, the skyline in New York or butterflies and bears in Slovenia. There are also UK workshops to practice your watercolours or sketching.

Singing Holidays & Retreats 

Sing your way to a holiday on a singing retreat and learn how to sing in stunning locations in Barbados, New York and the UK. Not only will you find yourself empowered but you’ll also have fun, and meet new people all with the same interest as you. The retreats are for people of all levels. Perfect if you enjoy singing on holiday. * Save 10% discount with the Solo Travel Card

On Location Tours

Okay, so this isn't really cultural and is more of a celebrity tour but if you’ve ever wanted to see the city locations of your favourite American television series then one of these tours could be right up your street. From The Real Housewives of New York City to Sex in the City, you can experience New York City or Boston through the eyes of a TV star.

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Food & Drink

Food is such an important part of travelling the world, whether it’s accompanied by a good wine or just local street food, every country has their own dishes to offer. Embark on a journey to discover new flavors and cooking techniques alongside like-minded individuals, fostering connections over a shared love for food.

The following are perfect single travel tours over 50!

Culinary Vacations

If you're a solo traveler over 50 seeking enriching culinary experiences, this site is really easy to search and covers cooking holidays all over the world such as Italy, Vietnam, USA, Spain and France. It’s a bit like a mini Trip Advisor and works as a search engine for cooking holidays, listing reviews to help you decide which trip to take.

These culinary adventures encompass cooking classes, winery tours, and visits to local markets when applicable. Your package includes accommodation and some meals, ensuring a seamless experience. What's more, you'll receive the recipes, allowing you to recreate the delectable dishes back home. 

Simply search based on your preferred price range or duration for a cooking holiday, and peruse reviews to find the perfect fit. * Check prices & destinations for culinary holidays

Gascony Cookery School 

French food is one of the world’s finest cuisine and the Gascony Cookery School offers a cooking holiday with a difference. Located in Gramont, a historical quaint village, you’ll learn how to cook dishes in classic French style whether you are an absolute beginner or a master chef.

Scotlands Malt Whisky Trail 

Named as the only malt whisky trail in the world, these unique experience will take you on a journey through Scottish distilleries to places such as the home of Glenfiddich. A whisky lover’s dream.

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Battlefields Tours 

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who are interested in war history, Leger Holidays offer battlefield tours to the D-Day Landings in Normandy, Waterloo Battlefields and Menin Gate in Ypres, and more. Their style is more of a coach holiday with accommodation and breakfast included, and packages start from 4 days.

Holidays in Historic Buildings 

The Landmark Trust offers short breaks in restored historical buildings. Stay a few nights in a castle in Wales, the Duke of Windsor’s former residence in France or a historical gem in Belgium. You’ll find historic buildings throughout the UK and Europe.

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Relief Riders International 

I love this humanitarian travel company. If you want to combine your holiday with humanitarian work, Relief Riders gives you the opportunity to ride horseback through remote areas whilst providing humanitarian aid to local people. Join relief rides in the Andes/Amazon, Pushkar, and Rajasthan.

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Travel Insurance

Whichever country you decide to travel to, make sure that you have relevant travel insurance for your trip, even if you're only covered for medical. 

True Traveller and World Nomads are two insurance companies which I recommend. True Traveller is available to UK and European residents, and World Nomads is available to over 100 countries worldwide, including the USA and UK. For digital nomads, Safety Wing is a nomad insurance that covers people from all over the world.

All companies allow you to buy insurance when you are already on the road and offer different plans depending on your needs including additional adventure cover. * Check insurance prices and cover for True Traveller

Ready to travel?

I hope that this article with solo travel recommendations has inspired you and given you some ideas on where and how to travel solo. If you're worried about safety, you can find my safety tips for solos here. Or get inspired with stories on solo travel over 50

And don't forget to check out the destination page for the country that you want to travel to. There are so many places out there just waiting for you, so book that flight! 

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