Travelling alone is one of the best ways to travel. You have the freedom to do what you want when you want, eat wherever you choose and meet some amazing people along the way. But it doesn’t come without it’s challenges and there can be times when you just need an extra helping hand. Here are some solo travel tips that every solo woman traveller should know before they travel…

N.b. If you're ready to plan your solo trip but are unsure how to do it, read my how to plan a solo trip article.  

Solo travel tips

Solo Female Travel Tips – Before You Board

Okay, let's talk turkey – or plane tickets. Those cheap fare alerts are not just pings on your phone but the sweet whispers of your next adventure calling. Set them up and pounce like a cat on a mouse when the price is right.

Now, onto a topic as serious as a heart attack – self-defense. Ladies, it's not just about throwing a punch; it's about that strutting-with-confidence-down-a-cobblestone-street vibe. As solo female travelers, we sometimes get unwanted attention that gets us out of our comfort zone. Knowing self-defense is empowering, and let's be honest, it's necessary.

Here's a thought: consider starting with the fancy-pants and top destinations when plotting your globetrotting. Your bank account will thank you when you're living like a queen for pennies on the dollar by the end of your trip in budget-friendly locales.

And about that first night accommodation – book a place to crash and figure out how you're getting there from the airport. That way, you're not wandering around with luggage looking lost – that's not a cute look for anyone.

Right, research. It's not just about social media and the ‘grammable spots. Dig into the no-go zones because “adventurous” doesn't mean “reckless.” Also, etiquette and customs matter; they're the secret handshake into society wherever you go.

Lawyering up—metaphorically, of course. Know what's a no-no in your destinations. Some places don't take kindly to what's in your medicine cabinet, and ignorance isn't bliss; it's just ignorance. Showing off your shoulders, cleavage, and wearing short shorts are also no-gos in some destinations. Be Respectful, or don't go. 

Tell your friends and family where you're off to – even if it's just a rough sketch of places. It's the adult thing to do.

Hostels can be a hoot if you're unable to splurge. Grab a hostel card for sweet discounts, and make new besties over communal breakfast.

Passports: Make copies. Leave one with someone who loves you and stash the other. Losing your passport is like losing your mind in the world of travel—it's not recommended.

That's the pre-game pep talk. Are you feeling ready? You've got this. Now, let's get you packed.

solo travel tips

Solo Travel Packing Tips

All right, let's talk tees, tanks, and toiletries. These are great tips for traveling alone for the first time or the tenth time. 

The One-Week Wardrobe Wonder

So, here's the thing: You're going places, but your entire closet isn't. Think of your backpack as a picky bouncer at a club—only the essentials get to the party. Seven days' worth of clothes is your sweet spot. After that? Laundry time. Embrace it. It's your new rhythm. Mix, match, rinse, repeat.

Toiletry Tetris: Miniature Marvels and Space Savers

You might be tempted to bring the whole bathroom cabinet. Resist. Those hotel-sized shampoos? They're going to be your new best friends. And those tiny toothpaste tubes? Gold dust. Slot 'em in your bag like a Tetris champ.

Sound Blockers and Sleep Enhancers: The Mighty Earplug

Never underestimate the power of earplugs. They'll be your knight in squishy orange armor in a room full of snorers or streets bustling with nightlife. Sleep? It's non-negotiable.

Vitamins and Snack Packs: Your Health on-the-go

Fresh fruit might not always be at hand, and let's not even start on veggies. Pack those vitamins to dodge the scurvy, and stash snack bars for those unpredictable hunger pangs.

Fashion Faux Pas: When Less Is More

That sequined evening gown? Leave it. Those six-inch heels? Nope. Travel is about feeling good, and sometimes that means looking ‘au-natural.' Besides, it's free to realize no one's looking at you. They're all scrolling on their phones.

Laundry Logic: Dirty Laundry and Shampoo Secrets

You'll learn to love laundry like never before. Maybe it's handwashing in the sink or finding a local laundromat – it's all part of the charm. Pro tip: Shampoo doubles as a detergent. Don't mix them up unless you want to go to that meeting smelling like ‘Tropical Breeze.'

Practicality over Posh: The Clothes and Gear That Bear the Wear

Pick clothes that can take a beating and come out smiling. That cute top that crumples if you glance at it wrong? Yeah, it's staying home. And gear? It's gotta work hard for its place in your pack. If it doesn't have at least two uses, it's out.

And there you have it. Pack like you're headed to the wilderness, even if you're going urban exploring. It's about being ready for anything – and that starts with what's in your bag.

solo travel tips

Those Girly Things

It's time to talk about those little lifesavers that make all the difference when you're miles from home.

The Bandana: A Girl's Best Friend

Forget diamonds; the bandana is the real MVP. It's a headband for bad hair days, a makeshift napkin when street food gets messy, and a blindfold for those times when your hostel roomie is reading with the light on at 2 AM. Multipurpose and funky, it's a love letter to utility and style.

The Multipurpose Sarong: From Beach to Bed

Now, let's gab about the sarong. This little number is like the Swiss Army knife of your travel wardrobe. Need a quick beach cover-up? Sarong. Something to lie on? Sarong. A cool sheet in the heat? You guessed it. Plus, it packs down to nothing, making it the champion of travel efficiency.

Hair Care on a Shoestring: The Leave-In Miracle

Leave-in conditioner might be the unsung hero of travel hair care. It's a detangler, a smoother, and a downright necessity for those of us with hair with more mood swings than a teen at a pop concert. Plus, it saves you from the terror of hotel hair dryers. Leave-in is love. Leave-in is life. 

You may want to consider dying your hair a darker color. It requires less maintenance, and finding a good hairdresser can be challenging. I had my hair done in a country where I didn't speak the language, and I was very unhappy when I left the salon. 

Beauty and the Basics: Simplifying Your Style

Here's the skinny on beauty: less is more when you're toting your life on your back. That make-up bag? Pare it down. Think multipurpose—like that one lipstick that's also a blush and somehow, in a pinch, a decent eyeshadow. Can’t survive without your mascara but don’t want to go without? Dying your eyelashes before you go can last up to six weeks. Get creative. Remember, the best glow comes from the adventures you're having, not the highlighter you're wearing.

solo travel tips

Practical Solo Travel Tips: Budgeting Tips for Female Solo Travellers

Cash, dosh, moolah – whatever you call it, you've got to stretch it like yoga pants on Thanksgiving. Let's dive in.

Street Food Over Fancy Feasts: The Wallet-Friendly Way

Chefs' hats off to street eats! Michelin stars? Pssh. We're talking five-star flavors from a cart. It's simple: If there's a line of locals, you're onto a winner. Plus, your wallet will thank you when you're scoffing down that $1 taco instead of a fancy $20 appetizer.

Local Libations: Sipping Savings with Every Pour

Booze on a budget doesn't mean you're stuck with the stuff that tastes like paint thinner. Nope, local beers and wines are where it's at. Not only will you save a few bucks, but you'll also get that authentic buzz – and I'm not just talking about alcohol.

Transport Tricks: From Buses to Buddies in Car Shares

Ditch the taxis. Buses, trams, and trains are cheaper and where all the best eavesdropping happens. And car shares? They're the modern-day thumbing it, minus the serial killer risk.

Attractions and Freebies: The Thrifty Traveler's Cheat Sheet

Here's a secret: You can be that person who does all the cool stuff without dropping a small fortune. Free walking tours, museum days, and public festivals are your new best friends. Get googling and get in on those no-cost wonders.

The Sim Card Swap: Communication without the Cost

International roaming fees are the devil's work. A local SIM card means you can Insta-brag for less. Just make sure your phone is unlocked, or you'll be paying for a very shiny, useless piece of plastic.

The Art of the Barter: Haggling Your Way to a Deal

This one's for the market wanderers. Channel your inner haggling heroine. It's like a sport; there's no better rush than scoring that “local price.” Just remember, it's about the win-win.

Freelancing on the Fly: Leveraging Your Skills for Extra Cash

Got skills? Put them to work. Teach yoga in a park, cut hair, and do some copywriting. It's the gig economy gone wild. You're not just a traveler; you're a mobile gold mine of talent.

You keep your bank account from looking like a ghost town. Remember, it's not about being cheap; it's about being clever. Now, make that money last longer than a well-aged cheddar.

solo travel tips

Practical Solo Travel Tips: The Wisdom of Well-Traveled Women

Ah, the voice of experience – nothing quite like it to add some street cred to your travel game.

Rest Day Rationale: The Non-Negotiables of Recharge Time

Listen, I know you want to conquer the world in a day, but even Wonder Woman takes a breather. Schedule a lazy day. Whether a café crawl or just zoning out in a park, your feet and mental health will high-five you for it.

Local Gastronomy: Where the Crowd Eats

Do you want to know the best spot for pho or paella? Follow the locals like a detective on a stakeout. If there's a queue, join it. That's where the flavor's at, and the prices are usually not jacked for tourists. It's a win-win.

Luggage Lowdown: Tips for Temporary Storage

So you're off on a side adventure and don't fancy lugging your suitcase up a mountain? Many hostels and hotels will let you stash your stuff for a small fee, sometimes even for free, if you flash them a smile and promise to return in a short time.

Lost in Translation: Technology to the Rescue

Unless you're a polyglot, there will be a language barrier or two. Have a translation app at the ready. It's like having a pocket-sized UN interpreter, minus the suit and earpiece.

Dining and Doing: Seeking Local Recommendations

Ask the staff at your accommodation where they eat and what they do for fun. It's like tapping into a well of insider info, and let's be honest, the concierge's suggestions can be as stale as last week's bread.

Keeping the Bling at Bay: A Note on Necessities

That flashy jewelry and those designer duds? Leave them at home. Traveling in an incognito style means less stress about attracting the wrong kind of attention and more about immersing yourself in the experience.

Backups and Breakdowns: The Techy Side of Travel

You're living your best life, but don't forget to back it up – your data, I mean. Cloud storage is your friend when you're a gazillion miles away from your external hard drive.


Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers: Staying Secure in Unknown Spaces

Alright, diving back into the solo travel safety pool, let's talk nitty-gritty from one road warrior to another.

Cultural Conundrums: To Cover or Not to Cover

Getting the wardrobe right can be as tricky as that yoga pose everyone else makes look easy. In some places, you'll want to keep it loose and long – think airy maxi dresses or those elephant pants everyone seems to have. It's not just about fitting in; it's about sending a little nod of respect to the local customs. Plus, you dodge those less-than-comfy moments when you realize, oops, shoulders are a no-go here.

The Intuition Intersection: Trusting Your Gut on the Go

Okay, real talk – have you ever had that little tingle in your mind saying something's off? Maybe it's the person who's a little too interested in your travel plans or the shortcut that doesn't feel right. That's your gut talking, and it's got your back. I've dodged more than a few travel mishaps by giving my inner voice the mic.

Emergency Essentials: Tissues, Toilet Paper, and Rain Jackets

Let's face it: finding a loo without a loo roll is a traveler's tale as old as time and just as annoying. A little pack of tissues is your best defense. And the rain jacket? It's the undercover hero of the travel world. It's got you covered – literally – whether it's a splash from a passing bus or an unexpected chill.

With a dash of practicality and a good helping of street smarts, you're all set. Stay alert, trust yourself, and embrace the adventure—that's the solo travel credo.


Sociable Solo Travel Tips: Meeting New Friends and Experiencing New Places

So, you're on the road solo but keen to mix it up with some new faces? Here's how you can flip the script from solo to social without it feeling like a chore.

The Social Network: From Jogging to Joining Groups

Okay, so hitting up a jogging group might not be the first thing on your mind when you think “vacation,” but hear me out. It's a chill way to meet folks. You're all huffing and puffing together; somehow, it breaks down barriers. It doesn't have to be jogging, though. Any group activity where people do more than just nodding and smiling can work. Just show up, do your thing, and see who you vibe with. Simple.

Social Media and Keeping it Real: Time Tips for the Solo Female Traveler

We all scroll through our feeds too much. But when you're traveling, platforms like Instagram or Facebook can be more than just time-killers. They're lifelines to local happenings or groups. Use them to find events or meet-ups, then actually go to them. Remember, the goal is to put the phone down once you're there and talk to people. It's about finding a balance between online and in-the-moment living.

Meetup Must-Dos: How to Forge Friendships on the Road or similar sites are great for finding local events that align with your interests. It's one thing to show up but another to engage. Don't be shy about jumping into conversations. Most folks are there to meet new people, too, so you're all in the same boat. Ask someone about their favorite local spot or if they've been to an event like this before. It's about sparking those small connections that can lead to bigger adventures.

Going solo doesn't mean you have to be alone the whole time. With a little effort and openness, you can turn any solo trip into a series of memorable encounters and forge lasting friendships. Remember, it's supposed to be fun, so don't stress it. Go with the flow and enjoy the ride.


Solo Female Travel Tips Over 50

Are you getting into the solo travel game a bit later in life? No problem. There's a whole world out there waiting to be explored, with no age limit on adventure.

Solo Travel Female Packages Packages and Groups: Travel for the Ages

Think package tours are just for the uninspired? Think again. There are tons tailored specifically for solo travelers of a more seasoned vintage. These aren't your one-size-fits-all trips; they're curated experiences with like-minded folks who also happen to appreciate a good bed over a hostel bunk. And groups? They're a great way to dip your toes into new places with the safety net of an organized crew.

Quotes and Quick Tips: Inspirations for the Intrepid

Have you ever come across a quote that just sticks with you? Here's one for the road: “You're never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis. Cheesy? Maybe. True? Absolutely. Quick tips for my fellow over-50 adventurers: pack light but bring those comfort items that make all the difference (like a good pair of shoes). Stay open but wise – trust your gut. And most importantly, document your travels. Those stories? They're gold.

For those in the over-50 bracket, solo travel is more than just seeing new places; it's about challenging ourselves, meeting new people, and proving that adventure doesn't retire. So grab your passport, pack your enthusiasm, and let's show the world what we're made of.


Female Solo Travel Tips Reddit – Redefining Road Trips for the Solo Woman

Diving into those Reddit rabbit holes can be a trip in itself, right? Every thread is a new adventure, or a lesson learned the hard way.

Travel Insurance Tales: Coverage Confessions

Okay, so travel insurance. It's not the sexy part of planning a trip, I get it. But those stories where it saved someone's bacon? They make you think twice. It's like that fire extinguisher you buy not because you plan to use it but because you'll be darn glad to have it if your kitchen ever catches fire. It's tedious but necessary, ladies.

Comfort Zone Calamities: How Pushing Boundaries Pays Off

Now, about pushing those personal boundaries. We've all seen those posts where someone's like, “I went bungee jumping even though I'm scared of heights!” and you think, “Yeah, no way.” But then, a part of you wonders what you could do if you just said, “Heck with it, let's go.” It's about those moments that make you feel scared but alive.


Solo Female Travel Safety Tips

The Continual Call of the Road: Reflecting on the Solo Travel Experience

Summing this up, what's the essence of hitting the road on your own? It's about the misadventures as much as the smooth sailing. It's getting lost and finding your way again – literally and figuratively. It's about the nights spent in a tent under the stars, the conversations with strangers that turn into friendships, and those mornings when you wake up to a beautiful view that feels like a dream.

Final Musings: Embracing the Solo Journey as a Female

To the women thinking about solo travel: just go for it. It's scary, messy, and sometimes lonely, but it's also empowering, exhilarating, and ridiculously freeing. You'll come back with stories that are uniquely yours, a little more confidence, and a new perspective on what it means to be brave.

So, cheers to the journey, the unexpected detours, the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Keep exploring, discovering, and, most importantly, embracing the beautiful chaos of traveling solo.

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