Solo Travel Starter Bundle
Everything you need to travel solo

Are You Unsure How To Travel Solo?

Solo travel can be one of the most empowering decisions that you will ever make but with everything to organise it can also be overwhelming. The Solo Travel Starter Bundle will help you on the road to your dream trip and give you all the knowledge and confidence you need to travel the world alone.  

Learn how to lift your mood, work out your travel budget, and ensure you have everything for your trip. Feel more prepared and in control of your trip and finances with the Travel Budget Planner and last minute checklist. The Solo Travel Starter Bundle will help you feel more confident for your solo trip and reduce any anxiety about travelling alone so you'll  never feel overwhelmed again. Solo travel is so much easier when you're prepared. 

The Solo Travel Starter Kit is for you if...

* You're unsure if you can really travel alone 

* You are feeling overwhelmed at the thought of planning your trip

* You want to feel more confident travelling solo

* You are planning your first solo trip and don't know where to go


A Female Guide To Solo Travel, Solo Girls' Self Love Kit, Plan Your Dream Solo Trip Course & Workbook, Travel Budget Planner, Last-Minute Checklist, and 101 Solo Travel Tips. 

A Female Guide To Solo Travel

A comprehensive PDF guidebook to solo female travel for everything you need before, during and after your trip.

Solo Girls' Self-Love Kit

Never feel down on the road again with this 16 page digital survival kit to help lift your mood when you're solo.

Plan Your Dream Solo Trip Course & Workbook

How to plan your dream solo trip 12-step course and clickable workbook for planning all your solo trips. 

Travel Budget Planner

Keep on track with your travel budget so you know exactly how much your trip will cost and how much you can spend on the road.

Last-Minute Checklist

Feel more confident and more in control before you travel with the Last-Minute Checklist - preventing any last-minute panic. 

101 Solo Travel Tips

 Essential tips for your trip from experienced solo travellers. Learn tips on planning, money, safety and more...


I feel much better equipped to plan my journey and probably to deal with tricky situations that may arise when I’m away. It feels like the reader has someone right alongside them, holding their hand giving advice.” Sam Abdoollah, UK

I cannot stress how much this solo travel kit has helped me! From the travel tips to the itinerary and travel budget organiser, I can well and truly say that this kit is a necessity! It has really changed the way I plan my holidays and I don’t think I'll ever be able to travel without this kit. It's super helpful to people like me who tend to stress about travelling! The kit is super easy to use and it covers most, if not all aspects needed before and during travel, even audio for meditation. I cannot wait to put this travel kit into use once again. - Amina, United Kingdom

The Solo Starter Kit is absolutely wonderful. Everything which one could possibly need is included and is easy to navigate and understand. The entire process is carefully mapped out, from planning one’s itinerary to managing one’s budget with incredibly useful documents provided to support one through the adventure- from a complete novice to an experienced traveller, there is material here for everyone to benefit from.

The book is completely inspirational, covering every possible area of concern and written in an engaging positive way which can only act as a stimulus for future planning for adventures ahead! The kit is a godsend for solo girls and I’ll be reading and using it intensively for my future trips! - Rosie Webster, UK

The Travel kit contents everything you possibly need to prepare for a solo trip. My personal favorites are "Solo Girl's Self-love Kit". I know when you are cut off from your home and beloved ones during some time it can be difficult. I'm sure this kit will get you through any setback or adversity. 2nd favorite is the Travel Anxiety Meditation.

This mp3 has the power to change my perspective and it reduces fear to travel alone. It’s really a good support. The Solo Travel Tips are certainly a great help for newbies. 3rd and 4th favorites are the Travel Budget Planner and the Itinerary Organiser.  Both are well set up and look easy to use. I never saw such a simple and more convenient way to prepare a trip. They give you a great overview. - Birgit, Belgium

My favorite was the “self love” tips. We need to be reminded that this is an adventure and learn to say yes to as many opportunities we are given. I feel this was thoughtful and well planned. Traveling is a learning process of ups and downs, but if you trust in the process, it is so enduring. - Michelle Gallagher, US

I've always wanted to travel solo and my fear has kept me from doing so. With the kit, I’ve found education and tips on how to plan, budget, and keep safe in my travels and look forward to exploring further! - Mallory, USA

Make an Impact - We donate 10% from every kit 

Girl about the Globe believes that every girl around the world has the rights to basic needs such as food, shelter, water, love, education and protection. We donate 10% from every Solo Travel Starter Kit to projects helping vulnerable girls about the globe. You’ll be helping girls who don’t have access to clean water, girls who have suffered the trauma of war, and those without education. Thanks for helping. 

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