In the past, the older solo traveller used to be outnumbered by the younger ones who were cramming in a whirlwind adventure before they settle down. Now travelling solo in your 50s is the latest trend. Jane Clements, a fellow solo traveller shares her personal experience of solo travel over 50 and why you should do it too. 

Travelling solo in your fifties

Solo Travel Over 50

Before setting out on my year-long adventure, I had plenty of doubts about what it would be like to travel solo, especially long term on the backpackers circuit but I needn't have worried. In the main, travellers tend to be open minded, interested and interesting people with a healthy outlook on life. I have been told on many occasions that they don't see an older woman when they are talking to me but simply another person who has the drive to get herself out there and experience life on the road, just like them.

Occasionally I have arrived at a party hostel during ‘happy hour' – and to be honest that can be a bit daunting – but there are many people in their 50s and older who are out here and who do not let their age slow them down.
 Personally I prefer staying in dormitories because I love to interact with others but you can always find quieter, small hotels if you want some privacy and a single room.

The internet comes into its own here enabling you to vet all aspects of your accommodation before you book so that you are not caught out by surprise, but many hostels offer trips and visits so that you don’t have to go sightseeing on your own. You can hook up with other travelers too and obtain priceless information from them about what to visit or what to miss

. In my opinion the pros for travelling solo in your 50s far outweigh the cons.

Travelling Solo In Your 50s

The Pros of Travelling Solo in Your Fifties

1. With many life experiences behind us we may not be so affected by some of the worst things that we see – such as extreme poverty – taking them in our stride.

2. We are often approached by other travellers for advice and a chat. I have never been lonely while travelling.

3. We can generally cook which can make us indispensable in hostels and attracts company.

4. We – the older travellers – are generally quite comfortable eating and drinking alone. Personally I love street food but I have no qualms asking for a table for one if I fancy the look of a particular place or its menu.

5. People, especially mothers with children, often want to chat and are very interested in why somebody older is travelling and not settling down in one place.

6. More often than not, somebody will offer to help me with my backpack if I am struggling on and off buses.

7. It is easier to become invisible during those times when we don't want to attract any attention leaving us free to people watch or to avoid some potential trouble

The Cons of Travelling Solo in Your Fifties

And the cons? I can only think of one – and that is the trend to offer the top bunk with no means of climbing up. I need a ladder these days!

Travelling Solo In Your 50s

About The Author

This article is written by Jane Clements. Jane is a freelance travel writer and she also has her own blog where you can follow her globetrotting adventures at Scarlet Jones Travels. If you enjoyed Jane's story, Jane has also written her tips and advice on surviving hostel bunk beds and shares her honest experience of volunteering abroad with an NGO.

4 thoughts on “Solo Travel Over 50

  1. Karen Dobie

    I can certainly relate to much of. What has been said here. I started out using hashtag 55+, Now approaching 61 I use 60+ – because as we age there are areas of concern we would never have e considered when younger. I have been fortunate in my travels, meeting young people to go on a day tour with, discussing pros and cons of travel when young or older etc. Nearly everywhere I have been treated with great respect.

  2. Kim Grinlinton

    I’m single and 55 and at a cross roads in my life. I’m thinking of cashing everything in and travelling around the work. I never did my OE when I was in my 20’s. I have 3 children but they are all over 18. Am I being selfish

    1. Girl about the Globe Post author

      Hi Kim, I think that’s a great idea and not selfish at all. You need to go with your instinct and maybe now is your time. If you have Facebook I recommend joining our Girls about the Globe Facebook community for lots of support and advice x


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