Things to do in Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik is the place to visit if you're heading to Croatia. If you're looking to solo travel in Dubrovnik, discover our destination guide on things to do in Dubrovnik, including what to see and recommended places to stay for solos. Find out how to get around, what to do at night and where to eat and drink.

All recommendations have come from our solo female community to help you to make the most of your trip. Happy planning!


Solo travel in Dubrovnik

About Dubrovnik

Can there be any prettier Old Town in Europe? This Medieval city has a moving history both within and outside its fortified walls. Being on the Dalmatian coast means that Dubrovnik has Mediterranean temperatures and some of the nicest coastline.

Known as the ‘pearl of the Adriatic,’ the City of Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its timeless beauty makes it a mecca for history lovers. Once a great trading hub, the city is now one of the biggest tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, with outside cafes and a quaint marina.

Stradun is the city’s main street with a 31 metre high bell tower. This is a good spot to enjoy some al fresco dining on the day’s catch and people watch to your heart’s content.

Meander through small side streets and watch the world pass you by on a bench at the marina or wander around the harbour admiring old beautiful buildings and the ancient drawbridge. The Dalmatian limestone walls are one of the city’s highlights, where you’ll find people walking the 2km trail along towering cliffs, dramatic slopes and historic turrets, all with a backdrop of the Adriatic in sight.

Visit any time of the year and get lost in a maze of cobbled streets and Baroque architecture, admiring the Fort of St Lawrence and imagining the old port in bygone days.

This city may be small, but you'll find palaces, monasteries, churches and fortresses all inside its Unesco-listed walls. But if you really want to enjoy the magic of this Medieval city, skip the cruise season and visit outside of May to September.

When you’ve had enough of history and the Old Town, head across to one of the islands for forest trails and botanical gardens. Then go back into the Old Town at night to watch the city come to life. Dubrovnik is a timeless city with a moving past.

Things To Do in Dubrovnik Croatia

1. Walk on Dubrovnik City Walls

Standing 25 metres tall and 6 metres thick, the city walls were built to protect the city against invasion. Nowadays, you can walk this 2km trail to the highest point of the Old Town, past Minceta Fortress, St John’s Fortress, and Lovrijenac Fortress, with views of the Adriatic at nearly every turn. It takes approximately 2 hours, but you can get down half-way along. There are three entrances to the walls and it costs 120 HRK to enter. (Time = 2 hours)

Check tours, prices and dates for Dubrovnik City Walls

2. Explore The Old Town

The true essence of Dubrovnik, the Old Town, has a Medieval magic to it, especially if you explore at dusk. Enter through the Pile Gate, admire the beautiful Onofrio Fountain with its central dome and 16 water taps, and the Franciscan Monastery with Romanesque cloisters, before entering Stradun, the main street where you can buy an ice cream for your walk.

The Sponza Palace, a 16th-century palace, and the Church of St. Blaise, with a beautiful facade and stone cravings above the door, are all part of Dubrovnik's history.

Don’t forget to look for St Blaise’s statue at the top of the church (he’s holding a model of the city). The City Cathedral dates back to the 15th century with Baroque altarpieces, and there’s Rector’s Palace – a fusion of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque, built in the 15th century. Plus, Orlando’s Column and the bell towers.

Ignore the tourist squares and wander off the main street, through alleyways, upstairs, everything leads back to the middle, exploring and finding little gems. There are a few steps here so take flat shoes to explore. (TIME 3 hours – full day) Cost = Free.

3. Visit the Dominican Monastery

Situated in a strategic corner of the Old Town sits the Dominican Monastery. Built in the 14th century, inside the monastery is a Renaissance and Gothic cloister and a library and collection of art. (TIME 2 hours)

Dubrovnik -

View of Dubrovnik from the cable car

4. Take Dubrovnik Cable Car

The Dubrovnik cable car is a must-see. It takes less than five minutes to get to the top (415 metres above sea level). If you’ve ever seen the iconic image of Dubrovnik, it was taken from the top of Srd Hill at 415 metres above, so don’t forget your camera for some breathtaking panoramas of the Old Town and its islands. At the top you’ll find the usual touristy things such as a restaurant, snack bar and souvenir shop as well as a coin blacksmithing shop, and Ohrid pearl shop.

The Museum of the Homeland War is also at the top and not only offers more spectacular views of the Adriatic from its rooftop, but its powerful exhibition will transport you back to the days of the Croatian War of Independence with photographs and video from the siege and the fall of the Dubrovnik Republic. You won’t look at Dubrovnik the same after a visit here. Admission is 30Kn.

You can buy a combined ticket for the cable car and walking tour. (TIME 3 hours)

Check tours, prices and dates for Dubrovnik: Cable Car and and Walking Tour

5. Visit Dubrovnik Islands

Island of Lokrum

It’s not all about the mainland in Dubrovnik. Just 10 minutes by boat is the little island of Lokrum, an oasis away from the city with a tropical feel. This green island is home to a botanical garden with rabbits and peacocks and feels a million miles from the hustle and bustle of Dubrovnik. Don’t expect any beaches though and wear flat shoes. Boats depart from the harbour every half hour from 9 am. (TIME 1/2 day)

Korcula Island

From one walled city to another, only this time on an island. Korcula island is the sixth largest island in the Croatian Adriatic and is said to be the birthplace of the famous writer and traveller Marco Polo. You can visit his house, which is now a museum. Twenty miles long with palaces, hills and beaches, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to a ‘Little Dubrovnik’ (hence its nickname). There is accommodation on the island if you prefer to stay over. (TIME – whole day)

You can take an organised tour of the island or just go there yourself by ferry or bus (or you can drive if you have a car). Ferries take approx 2 hours. Buses take at least 3 hours.

If you prefer sailing around islands on a Karaka ship (a traditional sailing boat used between the 14th and 17th century), you can take a day excursion from Dubrovnik to the Elafiti Islands. Lunch is included and there is live music onboard – ideal for meeting others for the day. 

Check tours, prices and dates for Elafiti Islands Day Cruise

A view of Banje Beach in Dubrovnik

6. Discover Dubrovnik beaches

Perched on the rocks between the sea and the city walls is the Buza Bar which is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset. Advertised with a sign saying “cold drinks, beautiful views,” you’ll find this bar along the cliff face of the west wall in the Old Town.

Go outside the city walls to find Banje Beach. It can get busy with others, but there is enough room on the golden sands for everyone.

Bellevue Beach is also a good spot to catch some rays. Find it on the border of Montovjerna.

7. Go to the markets

Watch the ships come in and get some gourmet grub at the Gruž Market, an open market where you can buy your fish fresh off the fishing boats.

More for the tourists than for the locals, venture down to the open-air market at Gundulic Square, named after Ivan Gundulic, the man behind the statue in the square. Here you can buy beautiful lace, lavender bags or if you prefer a taste of the region – a bottle of liqueur.


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Activities in Dubrovnik for solos

Active GatG – Instead of taking the cable car up Srd Hill, you can hike up the 412 metre hill instead. You do need good trainers/sneakers for the rocky path that starts from Jadranka Cesta (just look for the ‘Welcome to Dubrovnik' sign). There isn't much shade, so pack some suntan lotion before you head off on the 90 minute hike, which leads all the way to Fort Imperial. There are stunning views of the terracotta rooftops along the way. 

A good place to walk is the Lapad peninsula, or Velika or Mala Petka.

If you like watersports and want to try some Dubrovnik kayaking, head to Sveti Jakov to rent a kayak or a jet ski. You may also be able to join in on a volleyball game – a great way to get to know others. It’s not exactly in the city though, so take bus no 5 to the last stop (1.5 km).

Adventure GatG

Instead of exploring Mt Srd by yourself, take an action-packed buggy safari instead and cruise along the Croatian countryside past bucolic villages. This 3 hour tour includes the buggy safari and cable car. Check prices and dates for the Buggy Safari

Or experience Dubrovnik from the water instead. Explore the coastline around the old town on a guided sea kayak tour. You don't need any experience either. Check prices, and dates for the sea kayak tour

Arty & Museum GatG

If you visit the top of Mound Srd, take an extra hour or so to visit the Homeland War Museum at Fort Imperial. Depicting the Croatian battle for independence in the early 1990s, this museum features moving images and footage of Dubrovnik during the war. Admission is 30Kn.

Taller Art Galley shows the history of this city with a collection of painting and sculptures of Croatian artists.

If you have time and are a maritime lover then it’s worth a look around the Maritime Museum. Learn more about this city’s shipbuilding and maritime trade and Dubrovnik’s role as an important port. The museum is situated inside Fort St. Johns and is included for free on a Dubrovnik Card.

Budget GatG

Just walking around the Old Town admiring the architecture will give you an insight into this stunning city for free. Walk up Mount Srd instead of taking the cable car, spend a day at the beach and meander around the churches if you’re on a budget.

If you are planning to do a lot of sightseeing, it may be worth buying a Dubrovnik card for 1, 3 or 7 days. Work out what you want to see and if the cost is cheaper to get the card. It does give free entry to the City Walls. A 24 hour pass (1 day) starts from 153 HRK.

Cultural GatG

Take in the traditional culture in the village of Cilipi in the Konavle Valley. Here you can sample wine in a local wine cellar whilst watching a native folk dance performance. There’s also an option to attend mass with the locals on this 5 hour Folklore tour.

Discover the ghostly stories behind Dubrovniks’ past on a 2 hour Ghosts and Mystery walking tour starting in a spooky graveyard.

History GatG

Dubrovnik's history is all around you. The Gornji Ugao Tower is a bit of a hidden gem. Below the Minceta Tower is a medieval archaeological site. A cannon foundry dating back to the 16th century which is now a fascinating museum. If you love archaeology, Divo the tour guide provides a very interesting explanation and tour.

There are numerous churches to explore especially in the Old Town. Sigurata Church and Museum has a beautiful chapel and some parts of it are pink! Another one of our favourites is Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola with beautiful artwork. Just follow the steps to enter.

Nature GatG

Visit the unspoilt island of Mljet Island – perfect for those who like diving, swimming and hiking away from the crowds. Swim within Saplunara, a quiet, picturesque bay or hike within pine forests. There are many secluded shores to relax on from April to October. A catamaran takes 90 minutes from Dubrovnik.

Shopping GatG

The Old Town is where it’s at for shopping but it can be a bit touristy. You can pick up some unique jewellery for a bargain though. You’ll also find souvenir shops along the southern section of the city walls.

Head out of the Old Town for actual shopping centres which you’ll find in Gruz and also Lapad. These are where you can buy groceries, clothes and anything else that you need.

Wellness GatG

If you need a massage after all the walking around the Old Town, the Touch of Thai Spa and Massage offers deep and aromatherapy massages for less than the hotel spas.

Wine GatG

Just 40 minutes away is the Peljesac Peninsula – home to bijou harbour villages and plenty of wineries to keep your taste buds tantalised for a day or two. D’Vino Wine Bar offers organised tours.

If you want to escape the city for a while, head to the Peljesac peninsula to find out more about the history of wine making at a local winery, and stopping at an oyster farm on the way.

Have a tourist moment

Take the Dubrovnik cable car up the top of Mount Srd and take a photo of Dubrovnik’s most iconic image; or if you have some cash to splash, take a segway off the beaten track on a segway tour.

Don’t have much time?

Take the cable car to the top of Mount Srd for an amazing view of Dubrovnik take the walk along the 2km Dalmatian limestone walls before stopping at Buza Bar for sunset.

Where to wear your heels – At the Rixos Libertas Hotel and Golden Casino where you may get lucky on the roulette wheel.

Where To Meet Others – Sitting in the Old Town where people gather in the day and evenings.

Day Trips from Dubrovnik

Local Tours

Dubrovnik Game of Thrones locations – If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you can’t miss the  Dubrovnik Game of Thrones tour. Hear behind-the-scenes stories whilst discovering famous locations.

If you fancy doing a Dubrovnik excursion from inside a tuk-tuk, Eco Tuk Tours gives you the chance to hop aboard one and cruise past Gruz harbour. Prices start from 225 KN for the 2 or 3 hour tours.

Take a day cruise on one a Dubrovnik boat tour and cruise around the Elafiti islands. On this full day you get the chance to sightsee or swim (or both) on the islands of Kolocep, Sipan, and Lopud, before arriving back into the city early evening. Lunch is included onboard.

48 Hours in Dubrovnik itinerary

First 24 Hours in Dubrovnik

Start at Stari Grad, Dubronik’s Old Town. Enter the Old Town via the two gates on the east and the west. Take the cable car up Mount Srd to a Napoleonic fort for fantastic views of the town and its red rooftops.

Be prepared for some moving history at the Museum of the Homeland War. Head back down once taking your photos of the city below and enjoying a panoramic coffee.

Watch the boats from the Old Town whilst enjoying an Al Fresco lunch before strolling around the Old Town. Walk past the statue of the knight Orlando, a symbol of the city’s independence, before walking the 2km walls in the afternoon.

Open from 8 am to 7 pm. Watch the sunset from the top then walk back to enjoy the Old Town at night and explore the souvenir stalls and peering into the gorgeous churches.

Solo Travel in Croatia

48 Hours in Dubrovnik

Explore the daily fruit and veg market at Gundulic Square and stock up on tasty snacks for the day. From the Old Port, hop aboard a ferry to Lokrum to avoid the crowds in the Old Town. Either explore this little green island on foot or take a leisurely kayak trip around it. You can take one of the forest trails down to the beach for a swim.

The island is home to a ruined fort, monastery and botanical gardens. Stay in the afternoon to enjoy live music from the cafe or swim in the lake. This serene salt-water lake is surrounded by pine trees and towering cliffs, which you can jump off if you are feeling adventurous. If not, the pebbly beach is an ideal place to relax.

Then go back to Dubrovnik to explore the history of this Old Town. Enter the Ploce gate on the east side for the Dominican Monastery, Rector’s Palace, and the Cathedral, then walk through the town to the Franciscan Monastery at the other end by the Pile Gate.

Take a step back in Croatia’s history at the Maritime Museum. Wander through the town’s northern backstreets to see the real lives of Dubrovnik’s residents as they hang out their washing during their daily lives. Just be careful not to step on a cat.

Watch the sunset at a Buza Bar, which is perched on the rocks between the sea and the city walls.

Tips for sightseeing in Dubrovnik

Escape the crowds

Being such a popular destination means that the Old Town is always crowded. If you are there during the cruise ship season, the ships have usually departed by 4 pm, so save the Old Town until after then or in the evening instead. Visit the historical sites on a weekday when it’s less busy.

Tucked away between the cliffs is a beach called Sulic. You won’t get the crowds here as it’s a secret local’s spot, but we can’t guarantee it will stay like that for long.

Lose yourself at

The medieval fortress of Korcula has a walled town and is a nice alternative to Dubrovnik’s Old Town. Korcula is three hours by bus and ferry.

If you don’t mind cemeteries, Saint Roch’s Graveyard in Cavat is a place to lose yourself and reflect within this nature spot looming over the sea. Boninovo cemetery is also a peaceful spot to walk.

Get a great view

You can get a good view from a number of places in Dubrovnik, but the best view has to be from the top of Srd Hill. From the top, you get panoramic views of the Old Town as well as Lokrum, the Elafiti Islands, and of course, the stunning Croatian coastline.

Head to the historic lookout of Fort Lovrijenac with panoramas of Dubrovnik port. Find it through the Pile Gate.

Climb some of the Old Town’s gorgeous architecture for more panoramas. Choose the Benedictine Monastery or Sveti Jakov Church.

For a gorgeous sunset Park Orsula has a stunning ocean backdrop with views over the Old Town.

Interact with the locals

Explore the suburbs and pop into a cafe for a glimpse into the locals’ lives away from touristville. Or at Gundulic Square when buying a souvenir.

Accommodation in Dubrovnik

Best Areas To Stay in Dubrovnik

The Old Town is beautiful, but it is the most expensive place to stay because of its proximity to everything. Staying here gives you easy access to all of the city's main attractions, restaurants, and bars, and you'll have the ancient city walls, narrow streets and gorgeous architecture on your doorstep.

It’s also very popular as it's one of the best areas to stay in Dubrovnik, so make sure to pre-book during the summer if you want to stay inside the walls. I've listed other areas to consider as a solo traveller below: 


Ploce is located on the eastern side of the Old Town, and it offers some of the best views of the city and the Adriatic Sea. Staying here will give you easy access to the beaches and the cable car to Mount Srd. And it's just a bus ride from the old city. 


Lapad is a residential area located on the other side of the hill from the Old Town. This area offers a more relaxed atmosphere, with plenty of green spaces, beaches, and restaurants. It's a great place to stay if you want to be close to the city center but still have some peace and quiet.


Gruz is a bustling port area located just outside the Old Town. It's a great place to stay if you're looking for affordable accommodations, and it's well-connected to the rest of the city by public transportation.

Babin Kuk

Babin Kuk is a tourist resort area located about 6 km from the Old Town. This area offers some of the best beaches in Dubrovnik and a range of high-end hotels and resorts.

Accommodation in Croatia

Best Hotels in Dubrovnik

Hostel Angelina Old Town

It may be small, but this hostel is only a few hundred yards away from the beach and Pile Gate and in a really convenient location. There’s a shared kitchen area and fab views from the upper floors. Plus the staff are friendly too.

  • Prices from £18 per night for a bed in a mixed dormitory room
  • To book, check prices or availability for Hostel Angelina Old Town

Accommodation in Dubrovnik

Hotel Adria

Escape the Old Town and stay in Gruz instead. This 4 star hotel offers views of the bay and the Elafiti Islands and is only a short bus trip from the Old Town. Watch the ferries come into the bay whilst enjoying some local cuisine. They also arrange your airport shuttle.

  • Prices from £38 per night for a double room with a private bathroom
  • To book, check prices or availability for Hotel Adria

Accommodation in Dubrovnik

Treat yourself at: Apartments Villa Karmen

Staying in an apartment is a great choice if you like your own space and want to cook your own meals. Apartments Villa Karmen is 2 miles from the Old Town, with a supermarket and bus stop nearby. Modern and clean and nice views.

  • Prices from £108 for a studio with a terrace and private bathroom.
  • To book, check prices or availability for Apartments Villa Karmen

Accommodation in Dubrovnik

City Walls Hostel

City Walls Hostel Old Town is one of the only legal hostels in Dubrovnik, situated in a quiet part of the Old Town, away from the noise and bustle of the cruise ship crowds, garbage crews, and all night revellers. But still just seconds/minutes away from famous cliff-side bar Buza, Etnographic museum Rupe, Maritime museum, beach Banje, great restaurants, shops, and bars.

Staying in the Old Town in Dubrovnik can be expensive but City Walls is a really affordable place to stay and we love its colourful interior. Plus, where else can you stay next to a cliff-side bar in the most beautiful part of Croatia.

City Walls Hostel consists of two 6 bed dorms with bunk beds, one 4 bed dorm and a cozy double room with seaview on the top floor. Each floor has a shared bathroom.

  • Prices from £17.50 for a 6 bed mixed dorm
  • To book, check prices or availability for City Walls Hostel

What To Do in Dubrovnik At Night

In The Evenings

Pull up a stool at D’Vino Wine Bar to sample local specialty wines made from Korcula island grapes.

There is always entertainment at Stradun, the main street. Watch one of the street entertainers, a music or theatre performance whilst you soak up the magic of the Old Town at night.

If you prefer to watch the sunset with others, consider the Sunset and wine at sea tour. Departing from Cavtat harbour every night, you can watch the sunset from the water and the lights of Dubrovnik as it changes from dusk to night. There is a maximum of 6 people making it the perfect group size to meet others for the evening.

Watch a movie at one of the open-air cinemas in the city. Slavica is situated in the Boninovo area or you’ll find Jadran in the Old Town, in the area of Iza Roka.

Party GatG – Dubrovnik nightlife

The Old Town is really safe so you’ll have no problems going out by yourself at night plus there are plenty of tourists to start chatting to. You may even find someone to sample the Dubrovnik nightlife with.

Inside a 16th-century fortress you’ll find Culture Club Revelin, one of the best Dubrovnik nightclubs. Dance alongside podium dancers until the early morning.

If you like the look of the nightclub above and would rather have company to go with, Ziggy Star Pub Crawl includes free entrance to Culture Club Revelin with its pub crawl. It costs 33 Euros and includes 2 bars and the club.

Where To Eat in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has all types of restaurants to suit any solo’s tastes. Many of the restaurants are family-owned, so the recipes may differ from restaurant to restaurant. Try some of Dubrovnik’s signature dishes; a meat and cabbage stew called green fenestra or a Dubrovnik Rozata (similar to creme brûlée).

Being on the coast means there’s an abundance of seafood and freshly caught fish, with a Dalmatian octopus salad being a favourite. If you love fish – you’re in the right place.

Sample some seafood at one of Dubrovnik's best restaurants. Restaurant 360 Dubrovnik has stunning views over the port, but the food does come with a hefty price tag.

For wine connoisseurs, Plavac Mali is the local speciality red wine. Or try Posip, a white wine grape from the island of Korcula.

Solo travel in Dubrovnik

The Best Restaurants in Dubrovnik

£ – Presa. Quick, cheap and tasty. A good friendly place in the middle of the Old Town, perfect for a quick bite for lunch. Find at – Djordjiceva 2.

££ – Azur Dubrovnik. For fusion Asian cuisine and also vegetarian options, this restaurant is a pleasant change from the Croatian dishes. You may need to pre-book. Find at – Pobijana 10.

££ –Taj Mahal. Don’t be fooled by the name, as this restaurant serves great Bosnian food and not Indian cuisine as you may expect. Find at – Nikole Guchetica 2, Iva Vojnovica 14.

Restaurants for typical cuisine

£ – Buffet Skola. Offers Croatian and European food. For a quick, cheap bit it’s ideal. Find at – Antuninska 1.

£ – Oliva Gourmet. Choose from Italian, Mediterranean and other European cuisine as well as typical Croatian food. Tucked away from the main street? Stradun. With excellent seafood and fish and friendly staff to match. Find at – Cvijete Zuzoric 2.

£ – Vita Bella. Off the main tourist route with really friendly staff. You’ll find a choice of Croatian, Bosnian, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, including vegetarian options too. Find at Bana Jospia Jelachica 37. 

Vegetarian Restaurants

There aren’t really many choices for vegetarians in Dubrovnik. Instead of vegetarian restaurants you’ll find restaurants with vegetarian options.

££ – Nishta. Being in the heart of the Old Town means that it’s not the cheapest place but it does have great vegan options in a homely environment. Find at – Prijeko bb.

Treat Yourself at

£££ – Konoba Dalmatian. Treat yourself to a seafood platter. Find at – Miha Pracata 6.

Enjoy a Coffee and a Cake

Dolce Vita – Pancakes, ice cream, you name it, they’ve got it. Close to the Pile gate so within easy reach of an afternoon treat. Find at – Naljeshkoviceva 1a.

Street Food – Pop into one of the Konzum supermarkets or you’ll find street food stalls in the Old Town.

* Budget Tip – Look for a set menu which may be cheaper. If you pay with a credit card, you may get changed a percentage, so use cash if you can.

Where to Drink in Dubrovnik


Banje Beach – you have to pay an entrance fee to enter this chic beach and lounge bar, but you can stay from day until night and relax on a big white bed on the sand! Croatia’s answer to Nikki Beach.

Enjoy cocktails in the sun at Mala Buza Bar, with great sea views and live music too. Find at – Pera Chingrije 2.

Cave Bar – Get in the holiday mood with a cocktail in hand and the waves lapping right next to you. Watch the sunset from this unique cave bar complete with stalactites. Find at – Kardinala Stepinca 33, Hotel More.

Getting Around Dubrovnik

The Old Town is a pedestrian zone which means you can only walk through it. If you’re getting around town (outside the Old Town), then taxis can be quite costly, so consider taking a bus instead. Taxis can only be taken from a taxi rank and not flagged down on the street. There’s also a surcharge on Sundays and if they have to carry luggage.

Buses – The buses are very reliable and run from 05.00 am to midnight. Tickets are valid for an hour or you can buy a 24 hour unlimited pass. Either buy a ticket at a kiosk beforehand or pay cash onboard. Pile bus stop is the most popular place for buses to stop. Look at Bus Croatia for times.

Boats – You can reach Dubrovnik by boat or travel onwards from there. Dubrovnik has two harbours – the commercial port at Gruz or in the Old Town. Look at Rome2Rio for journeys.

BUDGET GatG – Look at getting a Dubrovnik card which gives you free use of public transport.

How to get from Dubrovnik Airport to Dubrovnik

From Dubrovnik Airport it's a 22 minute taxi ride to Dubrovnik. Taxis cost approximately £32. Atlas Kompass runs a shuttle bus which departs hourly. It costs £6 and takes 30 minutes. Or you can take an airport shuttle instead which stops at Pile Gate (easy to access the old town) and also the Gruz Port bus station.

Dubrovnik car rental is available from the airport but the locals are known to drive a bit erratically so if you don't feel comfortable driving you may prefer to take the local buses.

Travelling Onwards

Car – Driving through Croatia is gorgeous but some of the driving is a bit erratic. If you’re not used to driving on the right-hand side, I recommend bus travel instead. If you do hire a car you have to go through the Bosnia border to get to Dubrovnik. Bosnia is also a great destination to travel onto. Mostar is the easiest to reach.

Trains – There are trains in Croatia but the network isn’t that great and mostly go from Zagreb. There isn’t a train in Dubrovnik so you have to take a bus to Split to get on the train network. Look at Rome2Rio for journeys.

Buses – Buses run from Dubrovnik to other parts of Croatia as well as international. You can travel from Dubrovnik to Montenegro, Bosnia, Germany, and Italy. Buses generally charge you extra for your luggage. Look at Bus Croatia for journeys.

Tour Companies

Busabout are a great company who offer bus travel with experienced guides onboard. They drop you off at various hostels and leave 2 days later. They have routes including Split (not Dubrovnik) so you’ll have to take a 4 hour bus there to pick up the coach but they are a great way to travel around Europe and meet others at the same time.

MedSailors offer sailing trips from Split. If you want to island hop and have company whilst you do it, they are a great way of seeing Croatia for 20 – 35 year olds.

Solo travel in Dubrovnik

Conclusion on Dubrovnik

Stay for – 3/4 nights or longer if you plan on visiting the islands or beautiful towns nearby.

Safety Tips – Dubrovnik is a safe place to visit, but because it is a tourist destination, you still need to keep your eye on your personal belongings. It is one of Croatia’s favourite tourist spots, so you may find some areas a bit touristy.

Avoid the area in July or August time when cruise ships arrive (Sep/Oct is a good time to visit). If you do visit in the off-season, some of the places may be closed, so check before you go. Watch out for sea urchins too.

Did you know? – Dubrovnik was the location used to film the King’s Landing in the Game of Thrones.

Local’s Tip “Walk the city walls early in the morning and take the cable car in the late afternoon. That way, you avoid the cruise and bus crowds.”

Solo's Tip – “Lapad peninsula is a great spot with cafes, bars and cute shops. You may also spot the Petar Sorkocevic Summer Palace in the distance.”

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