Solo Girl's Self-Love Kit
An emotional first-aid kit for solo female travellers

Are You Ready To Travel Solo? 

Travelling solo is amazing but there may be moments when you feel homesick, anxious or lonely and question why you are travelling alone.

This is where your Solo Girl’s Self-Love Kit comes in. This digital self-love kit will lift your mood if you are feeling down and get you looking forward to your trip again. 

Being equipped with the right mood triggers will give you that added reassurance that you CAN travel alone, and be your personal first-aid kit for the moments when you feel that you can’t. Use it before your trip or when you are on the road.

The Solo Girls' Self-Love Kit is for you if...

* You haven't travelled solo before and are doubting if you can do it

* If you've travelled before and experienced loneliness and anxiety being on your own 

* You are already on the road and need some support


A 16 page digital kit that you can personalise. It includes 11 ways to boost your mood as well as additional resources if you need extra support. 


Who to contact when you need support and ways to remind yourself why you are on this trip.


10 positive affirmations to boost your mood and make you feel confident and empowered.

Make Plans

Get re-inspired for your trip by researching what to see and do and make plans for the days ahead. 

* BONUS - Anxiety Meditation 

The Solo Girl's Self-Love Kit includes a FREE downloadable MP4 Travel Anxiety Meditation to help you with any anxiety you have before or during your trip. Listen to the meditation to feel instantly calmer and balanced. 

Why a Solo Girls' Self-Love Kit?

Lisa Imogen Eldridge is a travel journalist specialising in solo travel. Having travelled to 130 countries and 98 of these solo, Lisa understands how lonely it can be travelling alone. That's why she created an emotional first-aid kit to help re-balance you and get you back in the right mindset for travelling. Gain instant access to your digital Solo Girl's Self-Love Kit and personalise it for all of your solo trips. 


“I truly wish I had this survival kit with me during my solo trip in India. It would have been a blessing to read those empowering messages when I was feeling so lonely and full of doubt. I love the personal note and the fact that it is reminding you how lucky we are to be traveling or even having the chance to think about it. I am going to make sure that I read it whilst I am planning my journey.”

Fanny Cottret, Solo traveller

Make an Impact - We donate 10% from every kit

Girl about the Globe believes that every girl around the world has the rights to basic needs such as food, shelter, water, love, education and protection. We donate 10% from every kit sold to projects helping vulnerable girls about the globe. You’ll be helping girls who don’t have access to clean water, girls who have suffered the trauma of war, and those without education. Thanks for helping x

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