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Being an independent traveller doesn't mean that you can't take a tour for part of your trip. Sometimes taking a tour is just so much easier, especially if you are travelling to countries that are more challenging to navigate your way around or you can’t speak the language. They also give you the opportunity to venture off the beaten track within the security of a group. If you don’t particularly enjoy planning trips then taking a tour is a great option (and it doesn’t have to be a conventional ‘tour’ following a guide with a flag either).

To celebrate International Women's Day on March 8th, I've created a list of all the solo female friendly tours I have personally used or have been recommended by our Girls about the Globe community

Whether you are in your twenties and prefer sailing around the Mediterranean or in your forties or beyond searching for a more cultural experience, here's my list of the best tour companies for women. 

N.b. By booking through this page you are helping to improve the lives of vulnerable girls about the globe. Thanks for helping.

Africa Travel Co - solo female friendly tours

African Travel Company

Types of GatG – Backpacking GatG, Camping GatG, Wildlife GatG

I absolutely love this company. When I thought about seeing Africa, I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive about travelling through South Africa alone. African Travel Company is not only incredibly cheap (you stay in campsites mostly) but I was able to travel through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Zanzibar not only in safety but with an amazing group of people.

Camping in the Namibian desert and in African safari parks with the sounds of animals all around was one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had. My trip was for 5 weeks but they have different lengths where you can jump onto the tour from different countries. * Check all prices, dates and itineraries: Africa Travel Co

Book Yoga Retreats

Types of GatG – Active GatG, Spiritual & Wellness GatG, Surfing GatG

I love this platform. I booked my last yoga retreat in Portugal through them and found it really easy to use. They list yoga and meditation retreats all around the world so you can find the perfect duration for you whether you're searching for a 2-day weekend retreat in Portugal, a week retreat in Indonesia or two weeks in Costa Rica. They list so many yoga retreats so I recommend either searching by the number of days that you're looking for, the destination, price or the most popular. A retreat is a great way to escape the stresses of life and meet like-minded solos too. * Check prices, dates and itineraries: Book Yoga Retreats


Types of GatG – Active GatG, Adventure GatG, Food & Wine GatG

Explore offers every kind of trip for solos for all ages, especially if you’re 30 plus. You can take a worldwide short break, a trip that specialises in food and drink and you also have the option of private or self-guided tours too. As adventure travel experts they have specialised solo holidays such as walking and cycling. And what I like about them is that you can get off the beaten track.

One of their best sellers for solo travellers is the Toubkal Climb in Morocco! Explore are a tour company with a commitment to sustainable travel and they take steps in their supply chain to ensure they are not supporting modern slavery or human trafficking in any of their trips. They also have a ‘book with confidence policy’ and a full refund if your trip doesn’t run. * Check all worldwide tours, itineraries and prices: Explore Tours

Gadventures - solo female friendly tours

G Adventures

Types of GatG – Adventure GatG, Active GatG, Cultural GatG, Nature GatG

G Adventures is a sustainable company and works with locally owned businesses instead of international chains to help strengthen local communities. They also have a non-profit organisation called Planeterra which helps minimise the impact on destinations and promote sustainability.

I travelled with G Adventures through Peru, Bolivia and Chile. At the time I knew no Spanish and was unsure how to travel through these countries as a solo. In a group of 10, ranging from 20 to 60 years old, we spent 3 weeks exploring all three countries with our South American guide. It was made so easy and I definitely recommend this company who offer all types of tours from active to cultural adventures. Read my review here or click the link below to see their tours. * Check prices, dates and availability: G Adventures Tours 

Go Adventures – Save 10% Off!

Types of GatG – Sailing GatG, Skiing GatG, Tennis GatG

Noto to be confused with G Adventures, Go Adventures specialise in cruising in Croatia for 18 to 29s, skiing in Bosnia, Turkey cruises and Bosnia tours. Offering scheduled packages and tailor-made adventures. 

Sail around Croatian islands from 4 to 8 days from June to September, or enjoy 4 to 7 days sailing in Turkey between April to October starting in either Fethiye or Olympos. From April to October, you can explore Bosnia from Croatia on a 7-day adventure, or visit in the winter months to ski in Jahorina and explore Sarajevo on a 7-day adventure. Go skiing in Sarajevo river for 7 nights and experience the best of the culture and the nightlife. Or go cruising on a tennis cruise along the Dalmatian coast keeping fit whilst you sightsee. * Save 10% off with the Solo Travel Card App!

* Check dates, prices and itineraries: Go Adventures

Intrepid Travel

Types of GatG – Adventure GatG, Women-only GatG

Intrepid has been leading tours for more than three decades and in addition to more than 1000 worldwide tours, they also run women-only tours and expeditions so you can experience a full immersion within certain countries on a trip that is tailored especially for women. Your leader is female, and if you choose to go hiking, your crew will be all female too, allowing for that true cultural immersion.

Over 50% of people who book their trips are solo travellers. They tend to use hotels instead of hostels and have a more comfortable style of accommodation. You can share a room with someone of the same gender or if you prefer your own privacy, there is the option to pay a single supplement for your own room.

They offer flexible bookings so you have the flexibility to change your travel plans and the assurance that you can rebook when the time suits you better. You can change your travel plans up to 21 days before your departure with no fee. * Check prices, dates and itineraries: Intrepid Travel


Just You

Types of GatG – Beach GatG, City & Sightseeing GatG

If you're searching for escorted tours, Just You offers solo guides holidays and hassle-free travel. Their destinations cover Africa, Asia, Europe, both North and South America, Oceania and even as far as Antarctica. As solo travel specialists, they have been creating holidays for solo travellers for over 15 years. You can go classic touring through Portugal, China or Canada or relax on the coast of Italy and Spain.

Their flexibility promise means that you can amend your booking for free and with their motto of ‘solo adventures together' whether you join on a short break, a two week holiday or a grand tour with plenty of free time included, you can explore the world solo but not alone. * Check prices, dates and itineraries: Just You

MacBackpackers: Tours of Scotland


Types of Girl about the Globe (GatG) – Adventure GatG, Budget GatG, Under 40 GatG

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the history and culture of Scotland, MacBackpackers have been offering Scottish adventures for the last 20 years. Designed for 18 to 40-year-olds, this award-winning company are ideal for solo travellers wanting to meet like-minded others and have fun on their trip (and they’re 100% Scottish). I travelled on their 5 Day Scottish Highlands tour and had so much fun. They're a great way to discover more of this bonnie country with company. * Check prices, dates and itineraries: MacBackpackers 

Med Sailors - solo female friendly tours

Med Sailors

Types of GatG – 18-35 GatG, Partying GatG, Ocean GatG, Sailing GatG

If you’ve ever wanted to sail around the Mediterranean but have no experience as a sailor, then hop aboard a Medsailors tour instead. Medsailors arrange sailing trips to Croatia, Greece and Turkey and you also get to chance to try out your sailing skills (if you feel inclined to).

In a flotilla of yachts, the trips are really sociable with group dinners and group activities such as wine tasting. I sailed with Medsailors through Croatia. Board and food were included although we also ate meals on the islands that we sailed to. It was a great experience although I had never sailed before. As a solo, you get paired up in a cabin. * Check prices, dates and itineraries: Med Sailors Cruises

Moose Travel Network – Save 5% Off!

Types of Girls about the Globe (GatG) – Adventure GatG, Nature GatG, Wildlife GatG

If having breathtaking adventures in Western Canada is on your solo wish list, look no further than Moose Travel Network.

Moose Travel Network offer the best adventure tours in Western Canada with the opportunity to explore the best places in Alberta and British Columbia including the Rocky Mountains, Whistler, and Vancouver Island. Their tours take you through stunning scenery and pack in plenty of adrenaline-fuelled activities for us adventurous solos.

The tours have been designed for solo travellers so you don’t have to be alone. All the Moose guides are friendly and welcoming and will make you feel instantly at ease. There are up to 24 people on their tours so you'll have plenty of people to interact with.  

The trips allow you the flexibility to be as independent as you want to be. During the days you’ll be travelling around Canada with the group on the bus but once you arrive in a location you can either choose to explore independently or join the group for the day’s activities. * Save 5% off with the Solo Travel Card App!

* Check prices, dates and itineraries: Moose Travel Network

PP Travel

PP Travel – Save 10% Off!

Types of Girl about the Globes – Festival GatG, Party GatG

PP Travel specialises in festivals and the best of the European ones. Standing for ‘Party Professionals' they have been running festival tours for 25 plus years. They're a great company if you want to experience the best of the festivals and meet others all wanting to do the same. You can throw tomatoes at strangers at La Tomatina, get covered in wine in Spain, experience a messy food fight in Valencia, join their Anzac Day tour or enjoy a day at Ascot. 

Plus, they offer Oktoberfest packages with options for staying in a hostel, camping or glamping. Either join their tours at the destination or travel with them from London. PP Travel can arrange the biggest festivals with a variety of accommodations to suit your comfort level. Tours include accommodation, breakfasts, and travel to the venues. * Save 10% off with the Solo Travel Card App!

* Check all tours, prices and itineraries: PP Travel

Relief Riders Int

Relief Riders International

Types of GatG – Horseriding GatG, Humanitarian GatG, Nature GatG

If you want to combine your holiday with humanitarian work, Relief Riders gives you the opportunity to experience both adventure and also give back whilst you travel. Ride horseback through remote areas whilst providing humanitarian aid to local people.

“I signed up for the Rajasthan Relief Ride! and showed up in Delhi to find every sense bombarded with exotic new sights, sounds and smells. In those first moments, I was slightly apprehensive! It was shortly after check-in that I realized the power of this trip is stepping into the unknown, relinquishing all fears and allowing the journey to unfold as it will! 

For two weeks we rode incredible Marwari horses across the desert, volunteered at remote hospitals and schools, and met the most appreciative, gracious people. We enjoyed daily siestas, delicious food and fireside chats with our fellow riders! I signed up for an adventurous vacation but somewhere in the Rajasthan desert found myself on a magical journey. I returned stateside to find myself forever altered precisely because I did step into the uncertainty. And I came home feeling more alive because of it.” – Heather Ferrel * Check prices, dates and itineraries: Relief Riders International

Singing Holidays and Retreats – Save 10% Off!

Types of GatG – Singing GatG 

If you love singing and love going on holiday, then Singing Holidays are the perfect way to combine your two passions. Whether you want to sing in Barbados or the UK, these inspiring courses combine the relaxation of a holiday with the chance to engage in an uplifting and inspiring activity. And you can find others who enjoy singing too!

The coach, Mike King has worked in the music industry for more than 20 years and he has inspired thousands to sing. As an activity to de-stress and build confidence, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never sung before, Mike and his wife will put you completely at ease whether you attend for a weekend or a week-long singing holiday. * Save 10% off with the Solo Travel Card App!

* Check prices, dates and itineraries: Singing Holidays & Retreats

Solo Female Travelers Club 

Types of GatG – Food & Wine GatG, Nature GatG, Wellness GatG, Women-Only GatG

If it’s just females that you want to explore the world with, the Solo Female Travelers Club is just perfect. Offering women-only intimate group trips, you can travel with a group of other women to Iceland, Barcelona and the Costa Brava, Venice, the Amalfi Coast and Morocco. Experience some of the popular European countries such as Portugal, Scotland or Paris.

Their wellness trips include sound healing, forest baths and cacao ceremonies in Costa Rica, food and wine in Spain tasting tapas and delicious wines or exploring waterfalls and ice caves in Iceland. Their itineraries are women-focused making sure that you get the best experience from a destination. * Check prices, availability and itineraries: Solo Female Travelers Club

Stray Travel

Stray Travel

Types of GatG – Active GatG, Adventure GatG, Nature GatG

More for the adventurous GatG, Stray Travel is a hop on hop off bus tour offering bus passes around New Zealand, Australia and Southeast Asia. As well as going to the iconic hotspots you can also go off the beaten track and see areas of the country that others don't visit. It's flexible and you decide which destinations you want to travel to on your pass. I loved this company when I travelled with them through New Zealand. 

They don’t just travel in Oceania, if you are travelling to Asia, hop aboard in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos or Bhutan. They also offer trips to Borneo where you can explore the world’s oldest rainforest, get up close and personal to orang-utans, and dive in some of the world’s top dive sites. With so many options for Oceania and Asia, you can create the adventure that you want. * Check prices, dates and itineraries: Stray Travel

The Dragon Trip – Save 5% Off!

Types of GatG – Adventure GatG, Backpacker GatG, Budget GatG, Cultural GatG

If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring Asia but have a shoestring budget then look no further than The Dragon Trip. From China to Japan, their adventures help you to immerse yourself within the destinations so that you get under the skin of the places you visit.

Travel the real China from Beijing to Shanghai or if you have 25 days join their China Loop exploring the south, west, north and east in one of the best value backpacking tours in China. Join an unforgettable Japan tour and venture off the beaten path spending the night in a Buddhist temple on a sacred mountain. Take a 20 day Vietnam to Cambodia tour embracing the best of Southeast Asia or spend two and a half weeks in Indonesia island hopping. Tours include a leader, transport, accommodation, and selected meals. They have more than 200 departures and 5-star reviews! * Save 5% off with the Solo Travel Card App!

* Check prices, dates and itineraries: The Dragon Trip

Topdeck review

Topdeck Travel

Types of GatG – 18-30 GatG, City & Sightseeing GatG

If you are aged 18 to 30 and looking for an authentic and fun trip, Topdeck Europe is perfect for solos. From festivals, city breaks and tours in Europe, North America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Topdeck offer trips to delve deep into a country, get social or play and pause. I really like their fun motto of being ready to see the world without the filter and releasing the real you. 

Whether you choose to delve deep into the Greek islands, see the best of Central Europe on a 19-day highlight tour or get social on a mega European tour over 49 days you can relax with their extra-flexible booking policy and safety procedures.  Read the Topdeck review here or click on the link below for their tours. * Check prices, dates and availability: Topdeck Travel

Travel Talk Reviews

Travel Talk – Save 5% Off!

Types of GatG – 18-39 GatG, Adventurous GatG, Budget GatG, City GatG, Sailing GatG, Winter Sports GatG

If you are aged 18-39 and are looking for an adventure tour company, look no further than Travel Talk, a budget-friendly tour company for adventurous and cultural travellers. Designed for 18 to 39-year-olds who are looking for affordable tours with a premium service, they offer group tours to Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, and more.

Travel to the Balkans, Jordan, or Iceland, or immerse yourself in a well-known experience such as an Anzac tour or Oktoberfest. For the sailing GatG, you can join the Travel Talk sail Croatia trip to explore Croatian islands or go island hopping in Greece. For winter sports GatG you can ski or snowboard in Bulgaria or the French Alps. They have so many tours! * Save 5% off with the Solo Travel Card App!

* Check prices, dates and itineraries: Travel Talk

Tru Travels

TruTravels – Save 10% Off!

Types of GatG – Backpacker GatG, Flashpacker GatG, Fitness GatG, Sailing GatG

TruTravels know that not everyone travels the same so they’ve created four different travelling styles and trips for all kinds of traveller. They aren’t specifically for solos but their Classic trips are for backpackers by backpackers with authentic experiences in beach huts, homestays and hostels. Their trips usually attract people aged 18 years old to their mid-thirties but you can join at any age. 

For those searching for a trip that’s more flash, the Flashpacker is a bit more upmarket with comfort and style. So you can still travel like a backpacker but upgrade to premium accommodation. FitVentures are for the fitness solo wanting sunrise yoga, beach boot camps or exploring islands on two wheels. These are for those looking to challenge themselves on holiday (and stay fit at the same time). Then there are SailVentures for flotilla parties and sailing to deserted beaches. 

They give back too! Their projects include giving back in India, providing clean water in Cambodia, reducing waste in Koh Phangan and the Gili Islands and animal SOS in Asia. Plus, even when you book a tour with them, they plant a tree for each booking. Choose from trips to Asia, Latin America or Greece and Croatia in Europe. * Save 10% off with the Solo Travel Card App!

* Check prices, dates and holidays: TruTravels 

TUI Holidays

Types of GatG – All-inclusive GatG, Beach GatG

If it’s an all-inclusive holiday that you’re after, TUI are the company to go with. Known for 5-star luxury holidays in the Caribbean staying at gorgeous Rui hotels, they also offer spa breaks, city breaks and villa holidays. When you book with them you receive flight, hotel and transfer support as well as a Tui representative available 24/7 for additional support during your trip.

So all you need to do is just turn up! And they have an award-winning airline too (I recently flew with them). Choose from a luxury beach trip to Jamaica, a safari holiday in Kenya or a beach and volcanic peaks holiday in St Lucia. You can also see where’s hot and when so you can plan a warm escape. Although they aren’t specifically for solos, I have used them in the past and recommend them. * Check prices, dates and holidays: Tui Holidays 

Visit Natives

Visit Natives – Save $250 Off!

Types of GatG – Cultural GatG, Tribal GatG

If you’ve ever wanted to witness a Sami reindeer migration or visit the Sami reindeer herders in Norway, Visit Natives gives you the opportunity to discover indigenous cultures in both Norway and Tanzania. Travel deeper and get more out of your trip by spending time with the Hadzabe – the hunter-gatherers – in Tanzania, or the Maasai warriors in the Masai Mara. Travel with the indigenous people on adventures such as a wildlife safari, going bush trekking or experiencing a wilderness expedition. You’ll learn about traditional medicines, and sleep next to campfires surrounded by nature.

What’s so unique about Visit Natives is that you get to follow in the footsteps of ancient customs and traditions and be guided by local tribespeople in their native lands. With their aim to preserve indigenous cultures, whether you decide to go to Norway or Africa, you will have an experience that you will never forget. * Save $250 off with the Solo Travel Card App!

* Check prices, availability and itineraries: Visit Natives

Wendy Wu 

Types of GatG – Fully-escorted GatG

For fully inclusive escorted tours, Wendy Wu cover everything for solos. Their packages include the flights, hotels, most meals, the tour, transfers and visas, making it super easy for you to travel as all the hassle is done for you. And they have dedicated solo traveller departures on some of their favourite tours, which means they are only for like-minded solos. 

With most other companies the international flight price is usually excluded. Choose from a holiday to Japan, Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia, China or Vietnam. They also include a free lounge pass and chauffeur transfer within 50 miles of a UK airport. And if you don’t mind sharing with another solo traveller, there’s no single supplement. Wendy Wu are the UK’s leading Asia specialist and have won numerous British Travel Awards. Prices from £2,390 p/p for 10 days in India seeing the Taj Mahal, Delhi and Jaipur.  * Check prices, availability and itineraries: Wendy Wu

Women Tour Uganda: Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Women Tour Uganda – Save 5% Off! 

Types of GatG – Adventure GatG, Nature GatG, Wildlife GatG

If gorilla trekking in Uganda is on your bucket list, take a trip with Women Tour Uganda. They employ 90% women and as the Managing Director is also a solo traveller, she understands the need for empowering women through travel and the challenges of travelling alone as a woman to a foreign country.

All tours are specifically created for women, with the aim to encourage women to travel and meet others in a group environment. They have both group solo travellers safaris and also offer private safaris if you prefer to go alone.  Gorilla trekking starts from 3 days in Kibale National Park to a 14-day gorilla and chimpanzee trekking tour. By the end of two weeks, you’ll have experienced so much culture and know more about the country, its wildlife and its customs. I did gorilla trekking with them and loved it! * Save 5% off with the Solo Travel App!

* Check dates, availability and itineraries: Women Tour Uganda


So there you have it, my personal favourites for solo female-friendly companies and those also recommended by our solo community. I'll be adding to this list whenever I hear of a great company for solos, so be sure to come back here and check out the article before you plan a solo trip (pin it below).

Have you had an amazing experience with a tour company and would like to recommend them for women travelling solo? 

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