Sky Flower Belize

Want to know where to stay in Belize? Sky Flower Hotel is the first ‘budget boutique' hotel in the country and can be found in the country's friendly capital, Belmopan. You'll feel like one of the locals in the residential street where the hotel is situated and the home-made cheesecake is so good that the locals themselves regularly pop in for a slice.

The hotel offers rooms for every budget from $45 a night for a budget room to $70 for a city room and if you fancy your own suite complete with coffee machine, lounge chair, a flat screen tv and a desk for writing your travel journal, it will only cost $95 including tax per night.

Sky Flower Hotel

A city room

Each room is decorated in its own style and carefully-chosen furnishings from city chic to pastel colours and there is complimentary Wifi to stay connected to home, as well as great home-cooked food from pizza to pasta and all the staff are locals!

Sky Flower Hotel

A suite

Belmopan is a relatively new capital replacing Belize City in 1961, although it still remains the largest city in Belize. Belize City is not the safest of places so Belmopan offers a great alternative to the country's old capital and is only a bus ride away.

It is close to the adventure and cultural experiences too and from here you can visit the ATM caves, see indigenous animals at Belize Zoo or fly through the jungle on zip lines as well as other activities to get your adrenaline pumping.

They have also got a property in Placencia where you can combine some sunbathing with world class diving if you fancy something a bit less extreme!

Staying as a solo traveller I definitely recommend Sky Flower as a ‘home away from home.'

If you're looking to travel to Belize as a solo traveller, there's lots of advice to help you plan your trip on the Girl about the Globe website.

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