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Female community 

SheTravel is a women only network and online web based forum for female travellers to share. The network allows its members to share information to aid safe travel wherever your destination may be.

Business and leisure trips can take us to destinations where the culture and traditions differ from our own, sometimes to remote locations which carry higher risk to personal safety. The key to safe travel is knowledge and research of the destination, maintaining situational awareness and understanding the environment.

Their membership allows you to interact with other members in a safe environment. Groups are like their own mini communities within SheTravel. They believe that all questions are important and that sharing tips and advice may be able to prevent a serious situation. Having firsthand advice from someone who has been there – especially another solo woman – helps to alleviate our concerns in a confidential environment.

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Each group has its own news feed, media library/gallery and group specific events. Any SheTravel Member can create a group as long as they have a valid licence. Simply join a group, post an update or click on the Forum tab and start a new topic. Other SheTravel members will see your question and are able to reply. You will receive a notification when a SheTravel member has replied.

Discuss culture and traditions, health and medical, and travel questions wherever you are travelling to in the world. Plus, they are always looking for inspiring stories to add to their website if you wanted to share your experience. 

Discover a guide to hotel safety, how to choose safe transport, and the top 10 safety tips when travelling alone. Read more about travelling solo and safety in solitude and the unknown. Understand the planning, research and a check list for your travels.

SheTravel supports women led-up start ups and companies and collaborates with wonderful initiatives to make your travel experience as a solo even better.

Join here or save 25% (a saving of £15) on annual membership with the Solo Travel Card


Your membership benefits include:

  • Women only membership with access to a community of fellow travellers to ask questions and travel tips.
  • Ask a question on the go, either from the airport lounge or prepping from home.
  • A confidential space to ask questions and receive advice from fellow travellers.
  • Access to country profiles to read about country risk and female specific safety advice.
  • Information and discounted rates on the NGS lone female traveller workshops.
  • Interesting articles on safety, security and travel, written by professionals.
  • A duty of care concept for your female travellers, catering for modern travel patterns.
  • Specialist advice available from NGS experts*

SheTravel brings together a community of women to share information and experiences to aid safe travel whether you’re a nervous traveller, travelling for business, or it’s your first time travelling alone.

Join here or save 25% (a saving of £15) on annual membership with the Solo Travel Card