Seeing Okavango Delta Wildlife

“Giraffe,” he said in a slow stoned-like drawl.

“Fresh?” asked my Korean friend.

“No,” he replied, gently rolling the balls of dung between his fingers like glass marbles. His eyes boring into him like lazers.

This was Cucoo, our Botswana guide and cuckoo he was indeed. The wierdest guide I have come across. I was actually more afraid of him than elephants or hyenas coming into the camp and that was saying something.

Say ‘Cheese'

We continued our walking safari on our island in the Okavango Delta, Cucoo picking up the dung of each animal as we watched giraffes pose for our cameras and zebras galloping off into the sunset. This was the way to see the animals – just man on foot; up close and personal, with the local wildlife, swimming in the same river as hippos and snakes.

My fear factor was definately increasing.

Up close and personal with Nelly

Walking safaris in the Okavango Delta offer a great way to explore this swamp land. The best time to visit the Okavango Delta is in Botswana’s dry season – June to August or September to October when many animals migrate to the Delta. But if you don’t fancy walking, you can take a canoe safari in the Okavanago Delta where you get even closer to the hippos and enjoy the Delta at sunset.

This walking safari was part of an overland camping trip I took from Cape Town to Zanzibar with Africa Travel Co.  

If you don’t fancy camping in Africa, G Adventures offer small group travel and use public transport for responsible and socially sensitive travel so you can get a real sense of the country. I travelled with them overland from Peru, Bolivia and Chile and had an amazing experience.


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