Seeing Cheetahs in Africa

I could feel the heat of the African sun, beating down upon my white milky shoulders. I climbed on top of the open truck, feeling a warm glow as I looked around at the African Wilderness.

The sun sets over Africa

Maybe it was the two beers I had just consumed from the bar or the feeling of being out here surrounded by a pride of wild cheetahs, watching me hungrily, waiting for their kill.

As the Cheetah boy threw the first course to the hungry beasts, they each ran in turn, swinging each piece of meat between their razor sharp teeth, devouring their dinner with pride. I watched in awe as over 16 cheetahs surrounded the truck and were just metres away from me. One false slip and I too would be dinner.

It was such an amazing feeling to get so close to these stunning animals. The Cheetah Park in Etosha gives you the chance to walk with the cheetahs (the tame ones) and even stroke these beautiful beasts.

Just lazing around

We were on our way north through Namibia. Enroute to Etosha National Park – a haven for giraffes, elephants, zebras, lions and basically the Big 5. Named so, because of their hunting difficulty (lions, buffalo, elephants, leopard and rhino).

I had left the desert and was travelling through the African bush, eating caterpillars with the locals (not recommended) and drinking the local beer (which actually does not give you a hangover due to the lack of chemicals and for only $2 dollars a pint – it would be a sin not to).

But my adventures at the Cheetah Park were not as adventurous as some, who chose to go into the wild cheetah enclosure at 2am drunk. Luckily for the one that that fell off the truck, the cheetahs bellies were full…

Checking out dinner

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