Second skin

Some people have the knack of making anything look good. They can just throw on a pair of Indian trousers and a vest top and hey presto, they are transformed into a hippy yet stylish traveller.

I for one do not have the magic touch and have spent the last 11 weeks looking much like a poor traveller in my scruffy, old clothes. So with only one week left I have decided to lighten my load and travel with a smaller capsule wardrobe.

It's goodbye to my jeans with a broken zip, my combats without the elastic, my holey leggings, faded tops and the infamous brown t-shirt (which has appeared in numerous photos and is threatening to have a blog of it's own).

As I donate them to a more deserving home – to the disadvantaged women of Nepal. But as I part with my second skin I wonder ‘should I really keep the brown t-shirt?'

p.s It's gone.

Women and children of Nepal

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