Salam Amman

‘You smoke?' says the taxi driver who has just picked me up from the airport and is taking me to downtown Amman.
‘No thanks,' I reply as he proceeds to light a cigarette and drive at the same time.
Forty five minutes later we arrive downtown.


The city centre in Amman is actually quite small. You can walk around it in less than a day and see all of the sights by foot. The Turkish Mosque is a must-see, beautifully decorated, you cannot actually go inside but just gawp at its stunning design from the outskirts.

The pretty Turkish mosque

The Roman Theatre is a great architectual feat. Sit and obeserve how it must have been  back in  the Gladiator days. There's even a folklore museum where the lions used to be kept  until released  in the arena for battle.

The Roman theatre

The Citadel sits on a hill above the city and is the perfect place for panoramic views of Amman. It's peaceful, historic and the best place to people watch. The museum has artifacts dating back centuries and will take you back through the years, teaching you all about the Islamic and Jordanian culture.

The Citadel

I travelled to Jordan as a solo female. If you're looking to travel alone to Jordan, there's lots of advice to help you plan your trip on the Girl about the Globe website.

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