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To help us to get through these challenging times, instead of publishing content about destinations, I thought it would be more useful to bring you helpful ideas and content about self care. Here are our Girl about the Globe remedies for self care, inspiration and empowering projects.

1. Free Self-Love Kit

To help us in these uncertain times, I’m giving away a free Self-Love Kit to all our subscribers. It was created for coping with hard times when you are on the road but with what is happening at the moment I think that most of us could do with a boost right now.

The Self-Love kit is a digital PDF that you can personalise. It includes coping techniques to help keep our mood upbeat. Just subscribe below and you’ll receive your Solo Girl’s Self-Love Kit to say thanks. If you are already a subscriber, I've sent an email which tells you how to download your Solo Girl's Self-Love Kit for free.

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2. Distance Reiki

In these unprecedented times, it is natural to feel anxious and worried. For those of us who are struggling at the moment and who need some extra support, I’m offering distance Reiki sessions. The sessions are complimentary and all I ask for in return is that you donate some money to a charity in your home country that is really in need at the moment, especially the mental health charities.

If you haven’t heard of distance Reiki, it is a Japanese relaxation technique that works with energy to promote healing and wellbeing. It can help with anxiety, clarity and enhances sleep. We have seven main energy points in our body and Reiki works by using an energy symbol to re-balance each of your energy points (your chakras). It can be performed hands on or through distance.

The sessions last for 30 minutes where we connect via Skype or Facebook video. The Reiki session is for 15 minutes then we have 15 minutes to talk about how you are feeling. So far, people have released some emotional blocks, got clarity and managed to get a better night’s sleep.

If you would like to book a session, email me through the link below with three dates and times that you are available and your time zone. I’m on GMT.

* Email me at 

3. Virtual Travelling 

With so many restrictions at the moment, it’s important to keep ourselves as upbeat as we can. Although we can’t travel physically, we can still travel virtually. Every day to inspire you I've been posting short destination videos on our Youtube channel to transport you somewhere different in the world. There are also new pins on our Pinterest account too. Watch our videos and comment is you've been there or if it's on your travel wish list.  Follow Girl about the Globe to be notified of each new video.

* Join our Youtube channel for destination videos

4. 14 Day Bounce Back Plan 

Now is a good time for some reflection on your life. If you're in need of some action steps towards becoming a better version of yourself or you just need some self-care tips, I'm working on a 14 day Bounce Back Plan (a two week life plan) to help you to reclaim your personal power and transform you into the best you. Each day is a different focus to help you on track for two weeks of quarantine. Listen to our Girl about the Globe podcast (yes, I did say podcast!) from 1st April to follow the action steps. 

5. A New Girl about the Globe Podcast!

Girl about the Globe is finally starting a podcast! The podcast is about everything and anything to do with solo female travel. Get inspired with our destination interviews, learn about life changing trips, ways to save money when you travel and so much more! Our podcast kicks off with the 14 day Bounce Back Plan (see above), with short actions that you can take each day to help you to feel and look better. 

Our first episode will be aired 1st April. It’s called Girl about the Globe and will be available on iTunes. I’ll be notifying everyone through our social media channels too.

I'm really excited about this new project. It's a great way of us sharing our knowledge and advice about travelling solo. If you have been to a country solo and would love to be interviewed about it, email me on to find out more.

6. Writing More Destination Guides

The world isn't going anywhere and that means that landmarks and landscapes aren't too. They will still be there when we are able to travel so I'm writing as many destination guides as I can at the moment to help us when we can. But that does mean that we're also looking for content.

If you have been to a country solo and want to share your tips and advice such as what to see and do and where you stayed, get in touch! We're looking for country guides and city guides so it can even be about your home town. We'll be giving a copy of a Female Guide to Solo Travel in exchange as well as a massive thank you and your name on the article to say thanks.

* Email us with the destination that you want to write about 

6. Ways to Keep Ourselves Occupied

In this moment when we can’t travel, what can we do instead? For this month’s solo insight I’ve compiled a list of things we can do when we’re grounded. Tips include organising your travel wardrobe, reading about destinations that you would like to travel to and connecting with others.

* Read What To Do When You're Not Travelling 

7. Reverse Culture Shock

If you’ve recently returned home from travelling or are stuck in another country, then you may be experiencing reverse travel shock. Although some of these techniques involve going outside, it also mentions other ways to deal with reverse culture shock and this article explains exactly what it is and how it is normal.

* How To Deal With Reverse Culture Shock

How are coping at the moment? Comment below with how you are doing and if you need some extra support, please reach out. Lisa x

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