Proud to be British

I watched with pride as the Royal family made their way in the procession along the River Thames, wishing that I was there to witness this historic event. It was a moment of patriotism and I felt proud to say I was British and belong to such a free country.

As much as we moan about our lives in Britain:

the traffic; the rain and the constant queuing…

we are privileged to come from such a great country. A country that allows you a right of speech, that allows you to travel wherever you want and has a fair and justice system. Being British gives us the freedom that many others countries don't have.

Millions of people all over the world are learning our language right now.

People can only dream of coming to our country and can never afford to, or are not permitted to by their country.

Our seasons aren't that extreme, our rush hour isn't that long (Mongolia is all day rush hour) and you can't beat the general British politeness that you don't find in other countries.

So next time you're thinking how bad it is living in the UK, just remember that Blighty isn't really all that bad…

Thank you…


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