Planning For the Next Big Trip

Back in England, I'm busy working on the new website for Girl about the Globe – a destination guide and one-stop shop for the solo woman traveller. I want to promote ethical and sustainable travel using local guides and voluntourism and giving something back to local communities.

I'm working hard but during those moments of decision making, I find my mind drifting off wondering about pastures new. I've only been home three weeks yet my feet are itching to be on the move again. So giving in to my wanderlust, I am planning for the next big trip, which is going to be….. (drum roll please)

Mexico in North America!

Yes, the world is calling again and this time, I am heading west to the Land of the Americas.

But for now, back to the website ready for the launch in January.

It's time for a new way to travel. Coming 2013…

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