This week’s expert interview is with Kach Medina who runs the blog Two Monkeys Travel. Kach is originally from the Philippines and spent 6 months in Peru and calls the South American country her second home.

In this interview, Kach tells us what drew her to Peru, the similarities between Peru and her home country and what Peru's attraction is to women travelling solo.

The Uros people on Lake Titicaca, Peru

The Uros people on Lake Titicaca

Visiting Peru

Kach is from the Philippines and she says that the culture in Peru is quite similar to her home country. They even have ceviche which is the traditional dish in Nepal (but not the fried guinea pig).

If you venture outside of the main touristy areas, women can be perceived as coming to the country to look for a Latino man. There are quite a few ‘gringas’ there with Latino guys.

Peru is really easy to travel with a backpacker route and a chain of hostels so you’ll always meet people doing the same route. The buses are good and you can hop on and off and book online before you travel. You can also get VIP tickets with meals, a blanket and a TV. If you like haggling, you can go to bus station to try and get a cheaper ticket.

She gives her advice on various itineraries depending on whether you prefer culture, adventure, surfing or partying (or all of them!) Peru has sand dunes, islands and even their own Peruvian penguins. Listen to the interview for her great tips.

Expert Interview - Peru with Kach

Kach also covers:

  • How easy is it to get around.
  • Her recommended two week itinerary for all interests.
  • The hidden gems in the country
  • What there is to do in the evenings as a woman travelling.
  • Places she would avoid in the country.
  • Advice for someone who is looking to go to Peru alone for the first time and feeling apprehensive about it.

Find out more about Kach at her blog: Two Monkeys Travel, and on social media at FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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N.b. This interview was filmed in Bonaire in the Caribbean so please excuse the rooster!

Expert Interview - Peru with Kach

Arequipa, the White City in Peru

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