Pawna Lake is an artificial reservoir located in the Maval region of Maharashtra, India. It is a hidden gem that is a blend of natural beauty and offers adventurous activities. If one wants to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life Pawna Lake is something for everyone. The place offers adventurous activities such as Kayaking, water sports, boating, camping below the stars, paragliding, and ziplining.

Pawna Lake is one of the most beautiful water bodies that is bordered by green hills and is a perfect spot for picnic lovers as well as for the ones who love adventure and nature. You can enjoy the peaceful environment of Pawna Lake and experience the adventure out there.

The distance of the Lake is around 120 kilometers away from Mumbai and approximately 60 kilometers far from Pune. The place is a paradise for photographers as it has picturesque surroundings to capture the moments. Pawna Lake camping sites offer different stays tent stays, cottage stays, etc, and are home to several historical places that can be explored while trekking.

Pawna Lake

How to Reach Pawna Lake

By Road

As this place is well-connected by road the place can be reached by bus or car easily. From Mumbai, it is approximately 80 kilometers away and from Pune, it is approximately 60 kilometers away. 

By Train

Alternatively, you can reach by train and the nearest railway station to Pawna Lake is Lonavala railway station which is approximately 25 kilometers away. From Lonavala railway station you can take a bus or a taxi to reach the point. 

By Flight

The nearest railway station to Pawna Lake is in Pune which is approximately 60 kilometers away from the Lonavala. You can reach the Pune airport by air and hire a cab or a taxi to reach the point.

Pawna Lake

Best Time to Visit Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake can be visited throughout the year as being a dam it has water throughout. But monsoon is considered the best time to visit as the temperature is soothing and the meadows and the valleys turn out green which is a treat to your eyes.

For those tourists looking for cool and pleasant weather, winters are considered the best time to visit as the nights are chilly. Summers are hot and humid so it is advisable not to visit during summer as this season may feel uncomfortable for the visitors to visit the town. 

Things to do at Pawna Lake

  • Paragliding
  • Kayaking 
  • Camping
  • Adventure at Dudhiware Waterfall

Major Highlights of Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake is known for its scenic beauty and the breathtaking environment. Here are some of the major highlights of the Pawan Lake:

  1. Picturesque Views–  The picturesque view of Pawna Lake is a major highlight while camping at Pawna Lake where the sunlight and the sunset views are most surprising. The serene surroundings offer stunning views of the lake and the hills where you get the experience of waking up to the beautiful scenery with the sound of chirping birds
  2. Camping under the sky– Camping is considered to be one of the major attractions. Camping under a clear sky with the opportunity to go stargazing is one of the peaceful moments. Many campsites are set up that offer tent stays or cottage stays for accommodation and is a great experience for nature and adventure lovers.
  3. Water activities– For water sports enthusiasts Pawna Lake is the best to go for as it offers Kayaking, jet skiing, and speed boating.
  4. A paradise for photographers– The serene beauty of the environment makes this a picturesque place and is a wonderful opportunity for photographers to capture the \/perfect moment. Visitors can capture the sunrise and sunset views as well as the reflection that surrounds the lake.
  5. Best Picnic spot– If looking for a picnic spot with friends and family then Pawna Lake is an ideal spot at the lakeside while enjoying the scenic beauty of the surroundings.

Sightseeing near Pawna Lake

  • Visapur Fort- The historic fort that is located near Pawna Lake is the most scenic hills fort. It has panoramic views that captivate the trekkers with its beauty and glamour.
  • Lohagad Fort- Also known as the Iron Fort is located near Lonavala in the state of Maharashtra and is situated at a height of 3,389 feet above sea level. It is a historic monument and a popular destination for trekkers known for its natural beauty.
  • Tung Fort- It is one of the most rough and adventurous trekking destinations that has an elevation of 3,527 feet above sea level. It is a major destination in Maharastra that has a steep ascent. There is a lake in this region where one can enjoy the majestic view of the trek.
  • Koraigad Fort- Located in the state of Maharashtra Koraigad Fort is a must-visit place that offers a panoramic view of the hills and also the view of the Shayadri range.
  •  Tikona Fort- It is considered one of the oldest forts and is also known as Vitandgad located near Pwna Lake around 60 kilometers from Pune. It is one of the famous forts to visit during the monsoon season. It is pyramidal that offers stunning views.


Overall, Pawna Lake is a charming getaway that offers a blend of adventure and activities. Pawna Lake provides the best opportunity to have a peaceful time. It is a place that helps to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the serenity of nature.

Plus, this place provides the best canvas for photographers to capture the captivating view of the area; the stunning mountains, meadows, the lush green valleys, especially during the sunset and the sunrise.