Paragliding in Namibia

“Left, left,” Mario shouted. “Good. Hold it.”

I held my arms in the air and enjoyed the weightless sensation of my body gliding over the sandy dunes; the ocean in the distance.

”Pull down,” came his booming military voice.

I thrust my body into a penquin dive and felt the sand between my toes as my feet hit the ground. Mario's little helper running frantically to catch my shoot and make sure I didn't nose dive.

“You're a natural,” said Mario, as I climbed back up the dune, wide-eyed and eager for my second flight. I loved the feeling of paragliding – being free and peaceful, flying through the air.

Up, up and away

Namibia is an adrenalin junkie's desert paradise. You name it, you can do it here: tandem skydives, sandboarding, quad biking, and even aero-dynamic flights. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon…

Sossusvlei Desert


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