One of Those Days

Sometimes when you travel, you just have one of those days where everything seems like such a struggle. Having a heavy backpack strapped to your back complete with dangling trekking boots, a day pack on your front, a handbag and a shoe bag full of toiletries just gets well… too much. 

Then having to find the bus terminal, figuring out how to get to your next destination with no timetable, no signs and just a load of locals who shrug when you ask them in pidgin Spanish.

Finding out which bus you need then figuring out when you need to get off, complete with carrying all your bags back down the bus without hitting any of the locals on the head, before the bus takes off again.

Being told something too quick in Spanish by the Immigration officer that you simply do not understand. Is he saying you can't get into the country or you need to pay them money? Then feeling relieved when he takes pity on your blank, tired face that is feeling woosy from the long bus ride.

Tired, aching and exhausted from the constant heat, dehydrated from fear of no toilet stops on your journey that you didn't even know how long would take and feeling like you've just had enough. After eight hours; one transfer, one shared taxi, one immigration crossing and three chicken buses you arrive at your intended destination (and this is noted as a ‘free' day on your itinerary!)

So as the sun sets on a day that I would rather forget, I need to remember that tomorrow is another day…



As a reminder to myself for my next trip – don't bring so many notepads and books and take Spanish lessons beforehand!

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