On The Verge Of A Revolution?

The mood has changed. The tyres burning in the middle of the road are an indication of the unrest in the town. We all reach for our scarves and wrap them around our heads careful not to draw attention to ourselves. People line the street chanting and waving sticks.We drive past slowly, one of the party taking pictures from the window.

‘Put it away,' says another.

We drive through the small town in silence. Neither of us wanting to say anything. This is the second protest we have seen in less than an hour.

There are protests happening across the country of Jordan in reaction to the sudden increase in the price of fuel. The people are not happy with the decision and two cars have been set alight in my next port of call.

The road is blocked by flames

Last night I received a call from the manager of the hotel I was staying at.

‘You cannot travel tomorrow,' he says. ‘It is too dangerous for a woman by herself. We cannot take you to Karak.'

I go to sleep and wonder how I going to get back to Amman when I wake. Luckily I am not alone, an American family I have been to Petra with are heading in the same direction. They give me a ride and I am so grateful that I am not alone.

As we approach Jordan's capital, the Foreign Office warns of protests in the city and all entry is blocked. I am invited to stay with the American family on the outskirts. The news is calling it the beginning of an uprising in the last neutral Arab state. How true this is, we do not know.

What happens tonight will reveal whether I have just witnessed the start of a revolution or just a day of angry protests.

Either way I am glad I am leaving tomorrow…

To read more: http://gulfnews.com/news/region/jordan/protests-erupt-in-jordan-after-fuel-prices-rise-1.1104783

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