Taking care of yourself while trotting the globe is essential. If you're someone who racks up a lot of air miles, you'll understand that wellness doesn't stop when you board your flight.

What's the trick to keeping fit and focused amidst the chaos of international travel? There are plenty of impactful ways to look after your wellbeing while wandering foreign lands. Here are some easy but effective ways to stay healthy while you're travelling. 

How to Take Care of Your Wellness While Traveling Abroad 

Prioritise Your Gut Health

When you travel, different foods, spices, and even water can play havoc on your stomach so it’s really important to keep your digestive system healthy with a bit of extra help. I swear by probiotics and use them every time I travel. I honestly believe that this is why I rarely get sick when I’m on the road. 

For instance, this review of probiotics for women shows how these supplements can increase your body’s defenses. But you still need eat healthily too so make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water and have fibre-full snacks in your backpack for extra help. Your gut will thank you later.

Sync Your Sleep

Jet lag is like that unwanted travel souvenir nobody asked for. To beat it, you've got to play smart with your sleep. Try shifting your sleep pattern a bit closer to the time zone of your destination before you even pack your bags. Slow and steady changes will really help. 

And once you land, make the sun your best friend—it tells your brain what time it really is. Try to stay awake until it’s evening in your new destination and don’t skimp on comfort at night; an eye mask and earplugs are like a do-not-disturb sign for your brain. With these hacks, you'll be on local time while everyone else is still yawning!

Motion is Lotion

Who says you need a gym to stay fit on the go? Your travels are the perfect excuse to get creative with your exercise routine. For example, you could skip the cab and walk those cobbled streets instead. Or, find some stairs—they're like a free StairMaster with a view. 

And if you've got room for a yoga mat in your suitcase, do some stretches. Every step is not just about getting from A to B. It's about keeping you agile for tomorrow's adventures.

Remember, movement isn't just exercise. And you can even incorporate your run with some sightseeing. I take my phone and take pictures as I go on a new route to get the best of both worlds.

Mindful Eating Abroad

Eating your way through a new country is pretty much the best part of traveling, right? But make sure to still add some greenery every now and again. Mix in the fresh and local foods, such as fruits and lean meats, with those must-try street eats. Most countries have street markets with cheaper foods!

And when that decadent pastry winks at you from the bakery window, wink back and have a bite. The trick isn't to skip out on the good stuff—it’s all about enjoying the flavours without going overboard. You are on holiday after all.

Stress Management Strategies

Let's face it: travel isn't always perfect. Long lines, language mix-ups, and the unexpected can increase your stress levels if you let them. That’s why practising breathing techniques can help. I use box breathing on planes when there’s turbulence to keep me calm. A meditation session or a deep breathing break can work wonders. 

Scribbling in your journal also helps to download all those negative thoughts onto paper without letting them infiltrate your mind. Our mind tries to keep us safe and doesn’t like the unknown so sometimes we have to just bypass those thoughts and replace them with more empowering ones. 


As you zip up your luggage and double-check your passport, remember these tips before you take off on your solo trip to guarantee that the only things you'll bring back are incredible memories. Embrace these strategies as part of your travel toolkit and allow them to transform your experience into only good ones.