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Planning a Solo Trip to Norway? 

Are you overwhelmed by traditional travel guides and looking for the best Norway travel guide book for women? The Girl about the Globe’s Guide to Norway is written by solo females for solo females. We have chosen the best destinations for women travelling solo, included all of our favourite must-sees, restaurants, bars, and recommended accommodation for you to stay in, and added a few solo and local tips too.

We know that not every woman travels the same so we’ve split this guide into different types of solos. Whether you are an adventurous Girl about the Globe (GatG), a sightseeing GatG or a budget GatG we’ve broken down our favourite destinations into bite-sized info making it easier for you to choose the right destinations for you.

Discover where to travel in Norway, how to escape the crowds, the best places to interact with the locals, where to go for the best view and what to do in the evenings. Follow our 7-14 day itinerary for a recommended route and discover the best of Norway in Europe, one solo footprint at a time. 

Girl about the Globe's Guide to Norway

The Girl about the Globe's Guide to Norway is for you if...

* You're overwhelmed by a comprehensive Norway guide book,
* You're looking for the best places to visit in Norway for a weekend, one week or longer,
* You prefer to stay in hotels & accommodation recommended by other women travellers,
* You want to know the safety of each area for women.


Getting around Norway, solo female-friendly accommodation, must-sees, what to do in the evenings, how to meet others, a two week itinerary, how to be a conscious traveller in Norway,  and so much more. Available in a colourful PDF guide.


Travel to the west coast and you’ll find Ålesund, the gateway to Geirangerfjord, one of Norway’s most beautiful spots.


One of the country’s most beautiful destinations. It’s the gateway to the fjords and surrounded by seven mountains.


The Flåm Railway is one of the prettiest train rides you’ll ever take. Discover UNESCO World Heritage landscape.


Geirangerfjord has been listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is Norway’s most dramatic stretch of water. Take a fjord cruise past waterfalls.


At the top of Norway, close to the Russian border is the small city of Kirkenes, north of the Arctic Circle. Quad bike, snowmobile or travel by riverboat.

The Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands are located 50 miles off the mainland and above the Arctic Circle. It's the perfect destination for hiking. 


The capital of Norway and the country’s largest city. A good destination if you’re into art, museums and a colourful culture.

The Stavanger Region

 The Stavanger Region is an ideal base to explore the Lysefjord, Sandnes, and Pulpit Rock, one of Norway’s must-sees.


Known as the ‘Gateway to the Arctic,’ Tromsø is one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights due to its winter darkness.


The third largest city in Norway. Visit to see its amazing cathedral and plenty of museums to wile away the Norwegian hours

About the Author 

Lisa Imogen Eldridge is a travel journalist specialising in solo travel. Having travelled to 131 countries and 100 of these solo, Lisa's aim is to make solo travel easier and get you on the road to your dream trip. Having spent time solo in Norway, Scandinavia, this travel guide to Norway is a combination of her own research and recommendations from her solo community; Girls about the Globe.


"This Norway guide is amazing! Everything is so up to point and easy to navigate. Plus, I love all the little highlights, hidden gems, and cost breakdown. I especially love the language phrases and itinerary. The biggest problem I face while planning a trip is coming up with a proper itinerary and how to travel in Norway, and this makes it more helpful! This guide is one of the most user friendly guides I've ever laid eyes on and the design is super appealing to the eye. I'll be reading through it plenty more times before my trip to Norway."

Nipuni Dassanayake, solo female traveller from Sri Lanka

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