North Korea

Ever kept a secret from your loved one?

Imagine having a secret so big that your lives could be at danger if you ever told. This is what one woman faced as she planned her escape from North Korea four years ago.

Living in fear, she strived for freedom and a better life.

She escaped across the water, leaving her husband behind and eventually found freedom within another country. Her husband is now in a prison camp. If she is ever found, he will be killed. Although now free, she lives in fear of his life.

The Freedom Bridge in the DMZ

Many South Koreans have family trapped within this militarised country with it’s strange laws and ideology and amongst the streets of Seoul pictures depict scenes from a war stricken area, of people dying of starvation. But standing across the river from the country, there is no evidence or in fact no humans as far as the eye can see. The whole land looks deserted. Small houses are strategically placed as propaganda and military check points line the border surrounded by wire fences.

A locomotive destroyed by bullet fire by the North Koreans

The DMZ tour in South Korea is a fascinating and informative tour. The Demiltarized Zone lays between the borders of South and North Korea. Originally set up by the United Nations, this area of 4km is open to curious tourists wanting to know more about the goings on in North Korea. The golf course that lies within this area is classed as the most dangerous golf course in the world, stuck between two completely different worlds.

South Korean soldiers guard Dorasan train station

A brand new train station stands unused with the ability to connect South Korea to the rest of central Asia built with the agreement by North Korea that the South would fund this much needed project. But upon completion, the North refused to let the South use it, claiming that they never agreed for it to actually be used, just built.

The tour takes you to the 3rd tunnel – one of the four tunnels found and denied by the North as being built as part of another invasion.

North Korea is a dangerous yet fascinating place which largely remains a mystery to the rest of the world and poses the biggest threat.