No 1 Lounge Review

Well, I've arrived at the airport anyway!

After arriving super early to sample my first airport lounge, I couldn't check in for 2 hours! Then, after I had sat opposite the big draughty doors of the North Gatwick terminal for nearly the whole time, I realised ‘I didn't have to check in at all' as I had printed my boarding pass already!

So, once I realised my error I sped through security, looking for the sign ‘Airport Lounges' determined to make up for my time lost at the lounge.

No.1 LGWN (2)

Then, through the glass doors of the No 1 Traveller Lounge into a place that I have only ever dreamt of being before. I always thought airport lounges were for rich, successful business people and well out of my price range. How wrong I was! This place has a mixture of people (with everyone acting very civilised).

It's a little oasis in the midst of chaos and I love it!

No.1 LGWN (3)

I'm writing this from a swivel pod chair with a glass of complementary rose in one hand and a chocolate brownie in the other. I've just sampled the delicious buffet bar and have had a frothy cappuccino and yes, I am making the most of everything that is totally FREE!

No.1 LGWN (1)

This place has everything you could ever need to start your holiday early: You can take advantage of the FREE Wi-Fi, read glossy magazines, watch a movie and eat as much as you can from the complimentary hot and cold buffet, all whilst enjoying the runway views. You can even unwind before your flight with their spa treatments.

Go on treat yourself

Go on treat yourself

Yes, I did say SPA! You can unwind, add a touch of glamour and let No 1 Traveller treat you like a princess from as little as £10 for a massage. You can even get some beauty sleep in their gorgeous little rooms that you can rent by the hour, plus there are showers with complimentary toiletries to refresh you for the flight.

Do I really have to board my plane? I don't want to leave…

The No 1 Traveller Lounges are only £22.50 or £17.50 if you pre-book before you go. They also offer chauffeur services to the airport, airport parking and the Express train. My visit to the lounge was complimentary. 

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