‘Ni Hao’

Maybe it was the backpack or the blue floppy hat with the alien logo that was doing it, but something was definitely drawing their attention. Having gone dark blonde for this trip, (thinking I wouldn’t stand out as much), it was really a lost cause.

Everywhere I went people would look at me. I didn’t notice it before, when I was amongst my bubble of a group but now that I had ventured out alone,

I stuck out like a sore thumb.

‘If one more person stares at me, I am going to lose it,’ I thought to myself as I wandered aimlessly around the zoo, accomplishing my mission of seeing a panda.

I was tired, it was humid and I was fed up of the crowds. Two young boys in matching outfits stopped as I walked past.

Here we go,’ I thought as they pointed straight at me, arousing the attention of the rest of their group. I took a deep breath and carried on walking.

‘Hello, hello,’ they yelled. I turned around to see them smiling at me. ‘Welcome,’ one cried.

Hello, Ni Hao,’ I replied.

I smiled for the first time that day.

The Panda bear!

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