Nature calls

“Be very careful in the long grass' said Hesbon, our tour guide from Kenya.

I stumbled out the grass which was nearly as tall as me, to a truck full of laughing travellers. Covered in what I hoped was mud, I hauled myself back onto the truck, my dignity still intact.

This was Zambia;

Long distances and bush toilets. The only problem was that each time nature called, the only place to stop was sugar cane fields or local villages. I had ran off the truck straight through the long grass, only to fall within a huge ditch, hidden by the foliage. To make matters worse, after I had found a less than perfect spot, I had emerged to a shocked local Zambian man, walking his herd of cows along the roadside. In my panic, I had found yet another ditch on my escape back to the truck.

Now known as ‘dufus' to the rest of the group, I was delighted to be the centre of their entertainment. To be honest, I hadn't done myself any favours. From asking if the zebra steak would be stripey to nearly having a wrestling match with a monkey on my afternoon jog, I had definitely lost my cool.

Gone is the independent cool chick to be replaced by a ditsy blonde. Or maybe she was just there all along 🙂 …..

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