Namaste Nepal

I’ve arrived in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal; a small country landlocked between the two giants that are China and India. It’s a congested city, with black smoke fogging the narrow streets oozing out of car exhausts. People sell coconuts by the roadside, goats sit on top of buses and cows roam around the few pavements within this polluted city. Motorbikes and tiny taxis constantly honk, dodging pedestrians as they walk along the litter strewn streets.

Amongst the rundown houses sits one tall building, looking out of place against the backdrop of the Himalayas. People greet you with ‘Namaste,’ and wear colourful saris and drink tea – I feel like I am in India…

I awake to a flurry of activity outside my window, people scrambling through the rubbish pile that dogs had guarded the night before. It is barely dawn and within minutes the crowd has dispersed leaving barely a trace. Crows heckle in the morning mist. I can hear the deep moans of the Nepali people as they pray. It’s a haunting but comforting sound; a deep cry that echoes from the corners of this enthralling city.

But in this chaotic place, I feel a sense of calm, a sense of place that this is where I need to be…

Overlooking the city

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