My Trekking in Nepal Experience

‘Have I got a leech?’ asked one of our group calmly.

Our tour guide lifted up her trouser leg to the sight of congealed blood that covered her sock.
‘Yes,’ he said. ‘You have.’

Leeches are really common in Nepal and the worrying thing is that you don’t even feel them. The only way to remove their glued on bodies is by burning them off your skin. Luckily for two of our group the leeches had already fallen and were nowhere to be seen.

We were on a two day tour of Nagarkot, taking in the sights and trekking this lush area. Out of the rainy season it’s possible to see the peak of Mount Everest from this viewpoint but today this famous mountain was hidden amongst cloud.

The cloudy view from the top of Nagarkot

We had been trekking all day past small villages with cows, chickens and goats and other trekkers. We had nearly made it to our final stop to get the bus back to Kathmandu when the rain came and with it the chance of more leeches.

In amongst the corn (whilst it was sunny)

The ground turned into muddy rivers that soaked your feet and we each walked slowly manoeuvring around the rocks and slippery mud. It had started so warm and sunny but now the heavens had opened and monsoonal rain flowed the plains.

Finally, we made it to our destination soaked and covered in muddy wet clothes. Still, that’s why it’s called the rainy season!

The heavens opened



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