My Loom Footwear Review

Loom footwear review

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When you solo travel, one of the challenges is knowing which brands to use. That’s why I’ve put together a section of solo female friendly products to help make deciding who to book through and what products to take easier. And one of these items that should definitely be in your backpack (or suitcase) is a pair of Loom Footwear.

Loom footwear review

Who are Loom Footwear?

Usually only travelling on hand luggage, I always seem to pack my grey running shoes which aren’t really stylish but are comfortable. I wanted a classic pair of comfortable shoes that were lighter than my running shoes to pack, and could go with anything that I was wearing, especially shorts in the summer. I needed one pair of shoes that I could wear for any type of weather, and that didn’t let the rain soak into my socks.

I had seen a television commercial for Loom Footwear who says that their shoes are made for comfort and designed for outdoor activities, They produce eco-friendly waterproof shoes that claim to do it all. Their shoes are made with cruelty-free material from some of the world’s most eco-friendly farms.

They say that the shoes will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They are stylish enough to wear in the city and then if you decide to stroll up that big hill instead of taking the cable car, they are versatile enough to be able to hike it up the muddy or slushy path to the top. If the heavens begin to open, their waterproof design will protect your feet from getting wet.

Loom footwear review



To test my new shoes, I set off for long walks, mixing up my terrain and walking on concrete, grass and beach stones along the coast. I wasn’t able to feel the stones indenting my feet due to the cushioning.

It may seem strange to hear a shoe called ‘flexible’ but these shoes have been designed with flexibility in mind, meaning that you can walk for miles without your feet feeling heavy. And because they are made with materials that absorb and release moisture from the air, my feet didn’t feel moist or sweaty.

I could really feel the maximum conditioning, and how comfortable my foot felt after a hike. My feet actually felt like they could breathe. Usually, the toes on my left feet tend to rub together after a few minutes of walking but I didn’t have this problem with these shoes. 

I was worried about having to order a size that was half a size larger than my actual foot but when I received them, they fit perfectly with my socks and allowed my feet to breathe easier than my running shoes. By the end of the walk, my feet were still fresh and didn’t have that odour that they get from my hiking boots. 

They’re waterproof! Which is absolutely ideal for England and other countries in Europe where it can rain or shower. And it saves me wearing my running shoes when I’m sightseeing.

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Loom footwear review


As the shoes that I ordered are in white, I’m avoiding walking anywhere muddy or on grass as I don’t want to ruin the colour. But they are great for city sightseeing. If you are planning on hiking across mountains and valleys then the black pair may be more suitable for you.

Loom footwear review

Are They Good Value?

Yes! They advertise themselves as making the world’s most comfortable shoes for men and women. And I can honestly say that I haven’t worn more comfortable shoes. They are a great alternative to my hiking boots which although are great, they are also heavy and clunky. These are easy to slip on and light-weight too meaning that it won’t affect your baggage allowance too much.

Loom Footwear Review

Who Are They For?

Absolutely anyone who wants to walk for miles and feel comfortable. solo who loves going for a stroll. If you’re worried about whether they will fit, each shoe has several holes so you can lace them up in way that’s comfortable for your feet. And they offer free worldwide shipping so you can still get your hands on a pair if you're from the UK and beyond. 

Loom Footwear Review

Who Are They Not For?

Anyone who doesn’t like having a plain black or white trainer (sneaker), and who doesn’t like a comfortable shoe. They are without doubt my most comfortable and versatile walking shoe. Being back in the UK with the unpredictable British weather for the next few months means that having waterproof shoes is absolutely essential for any plans for domestic travel. And when it's time to travel internationally again, I'l definitely be packing these white Loom shoes in my pink backpack! 

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Loom Footwear Review

* Disclaimer – My Loom shoes were complimentary but I love them so much that I have included them within the Solo Female Friendly section. If you purchase a pair through this link, Girl about the Globe does make a small commission but I donate 10% of net profits to organisations helping vulnerable girls about the globe. Thanks for helping. Lisa x

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