Move any mountain

Standing amongst fluffy cloud as it drifted gently past my nose I was mesmorised. The sound of donkey bells gently rung in the distance and a crickets orchestra sounded beneath me.

Then one by one the mountainous peaks of the Annapoura Himalayas revealed themselves to me. Each one different from the next, standing taller than the sky, higher than I have ever seen. Sheer cliffs of rock towering at the top of world dusted with creamy peaks enticing you to climb these monstrous beasts.

Fish Tale – in the Annapurna Himalayas

Nepal is a trekkers paradise and is more than just Mount Everest.

The country actually has 8 of the 14 Himalayan ranges. Since it opened it's doors to tourism in the 1950s many brave souls have come to conquer some of the most dramatic landscapes on Earth. But some cannot be conquered although many have tried and tragically failed.

I could feel the draw of these feats of nature and now fully understand why the Nepalese Tourism coined the phrase ‘once is never enough.'

The Annapurna mountain range 

N.b. pictures by Nicole Schouwenaar

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