San Antonio, Texas, is one of the most scenic places in the USA. With a variety of awe-inspiring views and gorgeous landscapes, there is something for everyone. From lush parks to vast panoramas, there are plenty of great spots for people to stop and take in some stunning scenery.

It’s no secret that apartments in San Antonio are a hot commodity. This is due in part to that beautiful scenery and the fact it’s just an overall great, safe place to stay or even live. This article covers some of the best places to view San Antonio in all its glory, and take some of the best photos too.

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San Antonio

Comanche Lookout Park

Comanche Lookout Park is a state park that overlooks the San Antonio Valley, providing visitors with a unique “bird’s eye” vantage point of almost the entire region. Climbing to the top of the Comanche Lookout Park is well worth the effort, as its views are unparalleled, especially at sunset.

However, even if you don’t want to hike up to the great stone tower from which the park takes its name, you should still consider visiting. Comanche Lookout Park is itself full of beautiful natural landscapes that you can enjoy right from ground level.

Japanese Tea Garden

For anyone interested in seeing a different side of San Antonio, there’s the Japanese Tea Garden. For over 90 years, this pet-friendly destination has helped visitors relax with its natural beauty, including placid Koi ponds, 60-foot waterfalls, and colourful floral displays.

Recently, the Japanese Tea Garden was briefly closed to work on the infrastructure. The result is that it’s now better than ever, boasting a restored garden and pristine stone bridges. Best of all, it’s open daily and completely free to the public.

San Antonio

Tower at Eisenhauer

The Tower at Eisenhauer is located near the University of Texas at San Antonio. It's a mixed-use building that encompasses three types of space on one ground level, including residential, office, and retail.

More than just a multi-use place to lay your head or start a business, however, the Tower at Eisenhauer offers panoramic views of the horizon. Literally,  you can see the skyline from every single window in the building. The Tower also has many different amenities for residents to take advantage of, such as a pool, tennis court, dog park, fitness centre, and more.

1718 Steakhouse

1718 Steakhouse isn’t just one of San Antonio’s most popular and highly rated restaurants, it’s also one with a truly spectacular view. Located on the top floor of the Marriott River Center, the 1718 Steakhouse offers a stunning panorama of the historic Alamo, the nearby river, and other surrounding areas. 

Additionally, the restaurant has a superb menu and drinks. For those who are not really into steak, there are many other options available, including some of the tastiest seafood, pasta, and salads dishes in the city! 

San Antonio Riverwalk

The San Antonio Riverwalk

As noted earlier, San Antonio housing is in high demand right now, thanks in large part to its comfortable climate, strong economy, and friendly locals. One of the attractions that seems to attract both townies and tourists alike, is the San Antonio Riverwalk.

The San Antonio Riverwalk is one of the best places in the city to take in both the natural beauty of the water and the man-made beauty of San Antonio’s centuries-old architecture (most notably, a number of beautiful sweeping arches that line the banks). If you visit the Riverwalk you can also engage in an abundance of outdoor activities like biking, running, and kayaking, while enjoying the picturesque vistas of downtown San Antonio, complete with boats, bridges and barges floating by.

San Antonio Botanical Garden

Describing itself as a “living classroom,” the San Antonio Botanical Garden isn’t just a place to treat your eyes, but to expand your mind as well. The garden has been nationally recognized for its eye-popping displays of rare and native Texas plants, as well as its commitment to environmental education.

The San Antonio Botanical Garden is a perfect place to spend a leisurely day, wandering its 38 acres of winding trails, taking pictures of flowers in the conservatory, or sipping a delicious coffee at the on-site cafe.

What more could you need from a city? Have you been to San Antonio?