Mongolian Nomadic Life

Hold it's tail,' I yelled as we waded through a steam, getting splashed by the swishing of the ox's tail.

Then as the tail was secured and we made it through the stream, a chorus of what I could only interpret as ‘oh no,' came from behind me as the ox decided to go the powder room, it's tail still swishing. I moved out of the way of any flying debris.

Crossing the river on an oxcart

I had arrived at my first home on a eco tour of life as a nomad and was to be travelling from ger to ger (a Mongolian round tent), experiencing the local way of life. I had been greeted with a cup of straight vodka passed to me by my host. He indicated that I should drink it in one go – I indicated that I would fall flat on the floor if I did. He smiled. I smiled and sipped it like a lady.

Then it was off to fetch some water, only the motorbike had broken down so we all hopped on the ox cart and set off, kids in tow with two big canisters to fill.

Collecting the water

Then once our work was done, it was back on the ox cart until we hit a rock and the water came free. With the ox not stopping for anyone, I jumped off and secured the canisters (Jack Bauer style), then swung back onto the cart like a pro.

‘You're now a Mongolian woman,' said the eldest girl.

The motorbike that wouldn't work

This was a far cry from city life; no worries, no stress, just pure countryside and simple living and oh, plenty of vodka –


The cows before their stand off

Caught in The Crossfire

They were eyeing each over up, making weird, tribal noises to scare off their rivals. I was caught in a crossfire between two gangs.

The air was tense and as they stepped closer to each other, my instinct was telling me to run. But if I drew attention to myself, would they come for me too?

They grew closer with a pace. It was time.

I stepped slowly away from the rock I had been sitting on, hoping their angry faces wouldn't see. And then they ran towards each other, locking horns and making horrible grunting sounds – a battle of the fittest.

I had only wanted to sit quietly by the river and read my book when a herd of angry cows had appeared from each side.

Can a girl get no peace anywhere?

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