Missing My Flight To Bhutan

The board flashes at me ‘Drukair flight boarding.'

I look at my Eticket – 12.05pm still hours to go. But there is no 12.05pm Drukair flight on the departures board. There is only one at 9.15am that is now boarding.

My heart starts to beat faster. ‘It must be wrong,' I think and scan the board again frantically looking for the afternoon flight but it's not there and the morning one has my flight number. I run up to the check in desk and push in front of a line of waiting passengers.

‘My flight,' I gasp and shove the ticket in the man's hand.

‘It's just left,' he replied and points to the Drukair office.

‘No' I want to scream knowing that they don't even fly every day from Kathmandu to Bhutan. I am three hours early for my flight but it has just left! I feel as if I am in the twilight zone.

In the Drukair office I nearly cry and sit with my head in my hands.
‘The flight changed two months ago,' says the man. ‘Did you not get the email?'

‘No,' I nearly sob.

They take pity on me and sit me down and get me a coffee. ‘We can get you on the flight tomorrow.'

‘But I have a tour booked that leaves today,' I reply thinking that I am doomed.

An hour later, a rearranged tour, visa and returned flight booked, I am smiling and thanking the nice man for helping me.

Then back to Kathmandu but this time to a different area, then to cheer myself up I visit the Monkey Temple, the Royal Palace Museum and congratulate myself on overcoming yet another obstacle with a three course lunch and some more sightseeing.

And after a disastrous start I have the most wonderful day.

Fingers crossed for the flight tomorrow so I can say goodbye to Nepal and hello to Bhutan…

The plane I should've been on…

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