Mexico To Belize Border Crossing

Mexico To Belize

After my journey from Mexico City to Cancun – 2.5 hours on a turbulent plane journey then 6 hours on a coach with Ado bus services to Chetumal (that's the Express bus too!) I made it to Belize…

Chetumal is the gateway to the Ambergris Caye and getting there is like one big theme park ride. Check out the video for the bangs of the ocean on ‘Water Jet International' which offers an aeroplane service on the sea.

They do play a movie for the 1.5 hour journey from Chetumal to Belize to help take your mind of the bumpy sea. You also get your own ‘sea steward' and can even order cocktails (shaken not stirred of course!)

You can take a boat to both Belize islands: either San Pedro, or Caye Caulkner. The boats depart Chetumal every two days at 3pm and cost Mex$1100 for a one-way ticket. This includes a $10 docking fee. Watch out for the exit tax for ‘away without permission to engage in gainful activity' which is approx US$50 and there's no dodging the ‘fee.'

Click here for updated timetables and prices.

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