Mexican Wrestling

One of my favourite Mexico experiences is watching the Lucha Libre in Mexico City. Here I share my experience of Mexican wrestling to inspire you to see it too

When they said Mexican wrestling was ‘acrobatic,' I was expecting something out of Cirque de Soleil; wrestlers swinging into the ring from above, performing graceful little pirouettes and prancing around on their toes, skilfully avoiding their opponent.

Then they said ‘Well actually it's more like free fighting.'

So then I imagined cage fighting with no rules and two men wrestling the hell out of each other. I could barely contain my excitement.

What I didn't expect was muscly masked crusaders staging moves with semi-clad girls shaking their booties.

Yes, this was Mexico's version of WWE.

You're not allowed to take cameras into the stadium but you get the idea...

You're not allowed to take cameras into the stadium but you get the idea…

Lucha Libre is a type of Mexican free fighting held at Arena Mexico in Mexico City (and around the country). The ‘sport' has been in Mexico since the 1930's and is now so popular that some of the masked luchadores even keep their masks on in public (taking it too far maybe?)

The weekly event consists of five rounds of three and with the Mexicans known as a rather ‘short' nation, they must've scoured the county to bring these towering giants to the ring. Oiled up and wearing too tight pants they put on an impressive show and the spectators couldn't get enough.

Challenge after challenge they fought (or rather threw each other across the ring then pretended to be dazed so that their opponent could ‘slam dunk' them into the floor), until the referee hit the floor and counted…


And then they were up again, ready for some more face slapping (yes they actually face slap), and roly polying across the floor. The best bit was when the pink crusader with a matching Mohican kissed his opponent into submission.

Now you wouldn't get that on American WWE!

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