MedioMundo, Montevideo

MedioMundo Hostel, Uruguay

About MedioMundo

MedioMundo is situated in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. The hostel emerged as a project between friends. As travellers Sebastian and Pablo have made this funky little hostel in Uruguay feel like a home.

Super cosy with a fireplace in the lounge, MedioMundo is in a nicely decorated building with a charm. It has cable TV with Netflix, Wifi throughout the whole building (including the rooms) and an outside barbecue area if you want to cook some of the country’s abundance of beef.

MedioMundo Hostel, Uruguay


MedioMundo Hostel is located in the Parque Rodo district, a few meters from the park that gives the name to the neighbourhood and just 200 meters from Montevideo's promenade. Just 15 minutes away is the heart of the city. This area has some of the best designer shops, fairs, craft shops, museums, restaurants, trendy bars and nightlife.

MedioMundo Hostel, Uruguay


There’s a variety of rooms so if you don’t fancy sharing a 6-bed mixed dorm, you can opt for the double room instead. The female dorm has two bunk beds and 4 beds in total. The mattresses are incredibly comfy, and come with cosy duvets, their own power sockets for charging your electronics and a touch light above you.

MedioMundo Hostel, Uruguay


The hostel feels incredibly safe. The front door is always closed and you have to ring a bell to get in. There are wooden chests in the room which act as good sized lockers and are easily lockable with a padlock. They also act as your bedside table too. The area the hostel is in is really safe.

MedioMundo Hostel, Uruguay

Why is it solo-female friendly?

The 4-bed female dorm means that you’ll meet other females also visiting Montevideo. It is so cosy with a friendly vibe and you can spend your evenings here just chilling in the lounge. Being a small hostel with approx 24 beds means that you get to know others who are staying here and can go sightseeing with them. The hosts are really knowledgable and there is a mini-market just a few steps away. It provides everything a girl needs.

MedioMundo Hostel, Uruguay

Why we love it?

It just ticks all the boxes but the main one has to be the chimney which is lit on cold nights as everyone huddles in the lounge area. There is free rice and pasta in the evening and sometimes Sebastian/Pablo makes dinner which you can buy. They are both amazing hosts and just make you feel so welcome when you are here alone and create a wonderful experience. They seem to attract really nice travellers who stay here.

MedioMundo Hostel, Uruguay

How to Book

Prices start from £28/$23 per night for a bed in a 6-bed mixed dorm room.Check availability for MedioMundo Hostel. 

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