Looking for a husband?

‘Looking for a husband?' a voice asked.

I turned around to see a young Chinese man smiling at me.
‘Not really' I replied, (thinking that one was enough).
‘Then maybe you shouldn't be here.'
I was confused. This was a park in the centre of Shanghai full of people, a park where you could just wander in and look at the trees – a park!

Apparently I had stumbled across a ‘dating park.

Only on weekends, this park opens up to parents who come and register the details of their sons or daughters for perspective future partners. Pinned under each tree were pictures of singletons along with what I guessed was their statistics.

During the week this place was just a park but today, the day that I had decided to visit this park – it was not the place I should really be (unless I wanted a Chinese husband of course!)

The ‘dating' park



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