I'm halfway through my twelve week trip and as I leave Beijing for the final time, I feel at ease. It is only this time round that I realise I have less baggage, not of the physical kind (that is still growing by the day), but baggage of the emotional kind.

Only recently divorced, I had underestimated the impact that being a fresh ‘divorcee' would have on me, especially travelling by myself to weird and wonderful countries. My moods had been like waves rising with anger at the smallest of things to a peak of happiness when things were going my way to crashing with an almighty thud as I hit another obstacle. I had cried, angered, fallen in love then cried again and I had no idea what was going on.

But this time as I left Chinese soil, I had levelled out.

Gone was the volatile ocean and waves of doom, replaced by a calm lake, with gentle ripples lifting me only upwards. Was the past finally behind me? I felt ready to tackle the world and everything in it's path. I was finally ready to move on.

Watch out world…

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