July Monthly Insight: An Inward Journey

An Inward Journey

I have to be honest; I feel weird writing about travel at the moment. One moment we have a travel corridor with certain European countries then it changes and anyone returning from Spain has to self quarantine when they return to the UK, putting us back to square one. The amount of uncertainty at the moment is crazy and it really feels as though our lives are on hold.

But the hardest thing for me has not been not travelling, it’s been my lack of freedom. To be able to sit in a coffee shop with my laptop and work, listening to the background noise of others going about their everyday lives, and the freedom of not being able to have my own space.

Travel for me isn’t a holiday. It’s a lifestyle choice. Before the pandemic I hadn’t stayed in one bed for longer than 3 weeks without moving onto somewhere else. Constantly changing my environment helps my creativity flow, and makes me feel alive. Without it, I feel stagnant…

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