Jiang Tai Art Hotel

Jiang Tai Art Hotel in Beijing has got to be the coolest hotel I have ever stayed in.

Upon my arrival into the ruby red reception area with white fake icicles dangling from the ceiling, I was asked:

‘Would you like to see your room?’ as I checked in. Thinking it was a bit odd, I said no. Upon further inspection, I probably should have said yes.

Apparently, the cheap room I had booked for £15 a night wasn’t actually a room but more of a pod. Imagine a sauna with a double bed touching both sides – that was basically it.

Infinity and beyond

Stacked in a row were several of these wooden log cabins. There was no window and no bathroom but there was my very own locker packed full of goodies. And inside were lots of little presents waiting for me – my own cup and green tea (hot water was in the shared chrome bathroom), 3 different size towels, shampoo, soap, a toothbrush, slippers and even some free flowery pyjamas!

It made the cabin fever bearable! Staying in a pod is a great novelty.  


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