Watching the sunrise over the dunes

It's crazy how quickly you can make friends when you are travelling. There were more people on our trip than I had initially thought (only half had come to the pre-departure meeting in Cape Town).

We were now 28, two to be replaced in Namibia by the Russians. Everyone was dreading the new dymanics of the group and it was now split in two with myself being torn between the groups (having a Russian doctor as a tent mate meant I had one foot in the Russian camp).

Armed with cameras like bazookers, they were on a mission; to photograph everything that moved, including me putting up the tent and me actually in the tent. I could see the flash of light in through my window and heard the Russian laughter. This was going to be fun…

Thanks goodness for the crazy Swiss guy who would give Jackass a run for their money, the Danish couple who drink until they drop and a fellow Brit who cracks me up from dawn to dusk. The only way I can keep sane…

Just another night with the gang

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