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In-Flight Magic is a skincare company who believe that skin needs more when you travel. Their mission is to create moisturisers, masks, oils and serums packed with potent botanicals scientifically proven to deeply hydrate, prevent inflammation and make skin glow.

Whichever type of skincare you need, they have something for every type of Girl about the Globe.

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Staying in hotel rooms and being solo is a great experience opportunity for some well deserved ‘me time.’ Their Hotel Room Survival Series is a luxury range of masks for pampering, repair and future-proofing your skin whilst enjoying an evening of pampering. Choose from the Hot Tub Magnesium Mask which relaxes, repairs and restores, or the Big-Night-In Investment Mask.

Changing environments and pollution from cities can play havoc with our skin. That’s where the Anti-Everything Mask comes in. It provides anti-oxidant, anti-redness, anti-pollution and anti-aging in one luscious mask.

Even just taking a flight can damage our skin. When we fly our skin is confronted with ultra-dry de-humidified air and deep skin inflammatory responses triggered by the stress of racing to catch connections, delayed skin cleansing, tiredness and discomfort. The fastest way to great skin is to maintain hydration and prevent inflammation.  And both these conditions are challenged when we travel.

In-Flight Magic

Every day skin care products are just not up to the challenge. In-Flight Magic moisturisers incorporate IFM's proprietary Derma36™ with 3D hydration boosters created to comprehensively hydrate skin door-to-door for 36 hours; as well as a cocktail of sophisticated anti-inflammatories including Australian Mountain Pepper Berry to continuously inhibit and soothe inflammation.

Just because you’re travelling doesn’t mean that you can’t look good. If you’re planning a night out or joining a bar crawl, the Big-Night-Out Plump and Glow Mask transforms your jet-lagged skin within minutes. All of their products are created using Australian Botanics for advanced skin care.

They use Australian Indigenous suppliers and all their supply contracts are fair trade. Even their packaging is designed to minimise the use of plastics, and they never, ever test on animals so you have the guarantee that their products & packaging are Vegan.

In-Flight Magic

Australian Botanicals such as Banskias, Waratahs, Snake Vine, Native River Mint, Wild Pineapple, Centipedia, Emu Apple, Kangaroo Flower, Bush Limes, Australian Southern Ocean Kelp, Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berry, Buddhawood and Illawarra Flame Tree, to name just a few, are the basis of the In-Flight Magic range and are packed with rare and powerful phyto-actives with University-proven, remarkable benefits for skin health.

In-Flight Magic are Earth friendly, created for sensitive skin, and include natural anti-inflammatories to help anti-aging. They have free shipping for orders over $80 too! We love this skin care range created just for travellers. 

“When I first set out to create a range of effective skin care for travelers, I searched the world for the very best ingredients, only to discover that the most extraordinary plants for hydration and anti-inflammation are actually native to my own country, Australia.  When you consider our climate, that makes a lot of sense.”  – Dr Annie Holden, Founder In-Flight Magic.

Buy here or save 10% with the Solo Travel Card

In-Flight Magic

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