I’m Going Vegetarian!

After two meals of rather strange tasting meat, I have decided to ‘change course’ and go vegetarian! (millions of people can’t be wrong).

Considering I am researching countries for the website and part of the criteria is; how good are they for veggies? I have made a decision to say goodbye to meat. So, no more cheeky cheeseburgers from McDonalds, no more chicken fajitas or beef tacos. From now on it is just fish, vegetables and salad. And considering I haven’t seen any chickens or cows yet on my travels, it’s probably a wise decision.

P.s This only lasted one day as tucking into my cooked breakfast of sausages and bacon the following morning I remembered that I shouldn’t be eating meat! Old habits are hard to break…

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2 thoughts on “I’m Going Vegetarian!

  1. Ryan Victor

    Congratulations on making the attempt! Old habits are hard to break, and even just cutting down on the amount of meat you eat can feel better. As for your research, I’m excited to hear what countries you find to be vegetarian friendly. Many places that we’ve visited aren’t as vegetarian friendly as people might think. While Latin America definitely isn’t the easiest place to be one, it can even be challenging in Southeast Asia where you’d think it would be tofu galore (most dishes are made with shrimp paste, so it’s still possible to cut the red meat and chicken).


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