Ideal Summer 2023 Travel Locations

The sunshine months are here, so ‘tis the season to be travelling. Summer is the peak period of the year for people everywhere to take holiday trips to far flung destinations.

Booking your summer break is so easy with so many holiday sites offering packages on where to go and last-minute offers. The difficult part is deciding where to go as there are so many interesting and beautiful places in the world to visit.

If you’re looking for somewhere last minute and are unsure where to go, I’ve included a few top European detonations that are just perfect for the summer months. Whether you’re a movie tourism fan, love a Greek island or enjoy wandering through endless colourful markets, this short list should give you some ideas of where to take your next holiday break.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is a district of Monaco, on the French Riviera. It is known as a playground of the wealthy, but there is nothing to stop the rest of us spending some of our summer there too.

Despite that reputation, Monte Carlo is actually a more affordable holiday destination than Paris, Zurich, Geneva and a host of other European cities. The best way to avoid excessive expense is not to visit during big events like the Monte Carlo Masters tennis tournament.

There is plenty to see there at other times; including free attractions like the Princess Grace Japanese Garden and Saint Nicholas Cathedral. The wonderful Musee de Oceanographique does not cost much to explore either.

Monte Carlo is most famous for its casino gaming though and is home to the celebrated Casino de Monte Carlo. This has everything from slots to bingo on offer. Don’t worry if you have never played before. The Jackpotjoy site has tips on how to win bingo for newcomers and it is a simple game to learn.

Monte Carlo isn’t big so it’s even ideal for a long weekend or you could combine it with Nice in France too.


A sun-drenched island surrounded by deep blue sea sounds like the perfect place to spend the summer and that is what Kos offers. It is one of the Dodecanese islands off the Greek coast and it combines stunning scenery and beaches with masses of ancient Roman and Greek architecture.

That includes the Casa Romana villa from the 3rd century that houses glorious mosaic artworks, the ruins of Ancient Agora and Neratzia Castle. Most of these historic sites can be seen at Kos Town, but outside of the town there is plenty to enjoy too. Whether you want to laze all day on those sun-kissed sands, wander the mountains or explore Antimachia Castle, Kos is the perfect island for any kind of holiday. Don’t forget to try the amazing Greek cuisine too.


This Moroccan city was immortalised by Crosby, Stills and Nash back in the 1960s with their song ‘Marrakech Express’. You don’t have to be a hippy to appreciate its unique sights and sounds though.

Marrakech is a city where you can experience a totally different culture. The best way to start is to visit Bahia Palace in the heart of the city, which dates back to the 19th century and boasts colourful stuccos, mosaics and paintings in every room as well as a garden to stroll through.

In the evening you should explore the rest of the mysterious Medina, where you will see Moroccan street food vendors, traditional folk dancing and snake charmers amid its cobbled streets.

Outside of the city itself you can even take a camel ride through the desert or a mountain trek. It is the perfect holiday choice if you have a taste for adventure and want something totally distinct from the west. Make sure you leave enough room in your suitcase to bring back lots of souvenirs or even a Moroccan tea set!


Dubrovnik has to be the most famous destination in Croatia. This beautiful city that looks out over the Adriatic Sea was one of the locations for Game of Thrones. It is most famous for the Old Town district that is circled by 16th century stone walls and is home to landmarks like Sponza Palace, St Blaise Church and Rector’s Palace.

This latter building, with its Gothic architecture, is actually now a museum detailing the fascinating history of Dubrovnik. You can also learn more about the city and its culture if you visit during the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, where you can see live music concerts and outdoor stage plays.

Dubrovnik is a place to people watch as you sit and dine al fresco, or sunbathe on a beach such as Banje. Whilst island lovers may want to take the ferry and explore the nearby island of Lokrum which houses a monastery, botanical gardens and ancient fortress.


If you prefer somewhere slightly different, the last of our summer holiday choices is Malmo, in Sweden. Cultural attractions include the annual music festival Big Slap, which has drawn stars like Justin Bieber, and Malmo Municipal Theatre. The latter features everything from experimental shows to ballet and opera.

The finest museum to explore is Moderna Museet Malmo that houses artworks by Matisse, Dali and Marcel Duchamp, while St Peter’s Church dates from the 14th century.

But a trip to Malmo must include a visit to the kalbadhus, which is Swedish for ‘cold bathhouse’, is an absolute must. This is Malmo’s most popular sauna and it earns its name from the dips in the icy cold Baltic Sea that people finish their sauna sweat sessions with. You can’t get more invigorating than that!

Europe has so many places but I hope this short list has given you some ideas on where to travel to this summer.