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House Sitting Worldwide

Many people would love to travel to various destination around the world. However, the common reason why people don’t travel as much as they would like to is due to finances. The cost of the hotel room is where most people spend the majority of their budget. The average price of a hotel in the United States is $137/ night and in Europe is $110/ night for your average 3* hotel which most times does not offer a lot of space nor comfort. These hotel rooms do not have kitchens in them, so now you must add eating out at least three times a day, plus all drinks and snacks. Vacations are expensive.

House-sitting is a win-win situation. People can go to various destinations all over the world and stay in someone else’s homes while they take care of the homeowner’s pets’ nutritional, grooming, and exercise requirements. You can look for house sitting in London, or house sitting in Europe to save you money on expensive city accommodations. Not having to pay for a hotel room and having use of a full kitchen with everything you need to cook with makes travel more affordable.

House-sitting is when a person stays at another person’s home while they are away. The homeowner entrusts the home to the house-sitter rent-free for an agreed upon on time and terms. The house sitter assumes responsibilities for the homeowner’s pets and makes sure the home runs smoothly while the owners away.

They may need to do general maintenance including cleaning the house, pool, and garden. They may need to forward mail, take messages, and keep the property and home secure from any trespassers. In some cases, a signed agreement is used to outline the exact expectations and requirements of both the homeowner and the house sitter.

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Becoming a Dog Sitter

House sitting is one of the cheapest ways to travel especially if you want to be a dog sitter. You can basically stay anywhere in the world rent free in exchange for looking after an owner’s pet (or pets).

You need to remember that you’re not completely on a holiday and have responsibilities as a dog sitter. You need to feed, walk, and groom the pets according to the schedule they are on. You may have to be up at 5:30 am to feed them, walk them at 6:00 am, feed them again at 5:30 pm and let them outside, then walk them again 9:00 pm.

If this is the situation, your time to do tourist things can be limited. Some homeowners do not what the sitter to leave the pet home alone for longer than four hours so you need to be flexible and work to their schedule but it’s definitely a rewarding experience.

If you are new to house sitting, this book will teach you all the tricks of the trade. Find out what house owners are looking for and how to present yourself as a potential house sitter.

The author, Sally Pederson is an experienced solo traveller who has saved over $16,000 in one year by house sitting alone. She says “Every house sit is different and there are advantages and disadvantages to each one, so it is very important that the house sitter and homeowner are completely honest with all the rules and requirements for the house sit.”

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Long-Term House Sitting

The house sitting course is perfect for both short and long term house sitting and includes: house sitting ebook, benefits vs. frustrations, what is house sitting? why is house-sitting fantastic? where can I house sit? why do people get house sitters? house-sitting for profit, house-sitting sites, creating your house-sitting profile, create an amazing profile, applying for house sits, the house-sitting agreement, the pre-house sit handover, during the house sit, making friends during house sits, preparing for the homeowner’s return, the post house sit handover, staying in touch, long-term house sitting, and house-sitting for digital nomads.

The course also includes: house sitters toolkit, house sitters due diligence questions, pet care questionnaire, assignment completion checklist, home tour checklist, and both a short-term and long-term house sitting email confirmation agreement.         

There is also a book for homeowners, covering: homeowner interview questions, house sitter contacts list, pet care questionnaire, pet feeding & cleaning procedures, homeowner’s preparation checklist, home tour checklist, authorisation forms and long-term house sitting agreement.   

Whether you are looking for house sitting in Europe, or house sitting worldwide, the House Sitting: Travel The World Rent Free course will help you to save money on your accommodations and have the best house sitting experience you can.

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