Happy Clapper

The sound of music blaring across the skies gets closer and closer.

‘Is it a car radio?' I ask.
‘No,' says my new Israeli friend, who I met on the bus yesterday. ‘Watch.'

Within seconds a white van appears from a cobbled lane and stops outside the restaurant in Tel Aviv where we have chosen to dine. The music is so loud.

A bearded man wearing a tiny hat on the crown of his head and a cream trouser suit stands precariously on top, jumping around in a pogo stick style whilst waving his arms in the air.

Some of the restaurant dwellers have stopped eating to stare at the musical spectacle that is unfolding before them. Others smile and are clapping, encouraging the bearded man to jump even higher. Then as quickly as he arrived, he is off, leaving to spread joy and happiness through the streets of Tel Aviv.

What a strange evening.

A November's day in Tel Aviv

007 in Tel Aviv

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