No more wall, no more trekking and no more pretending I am a contestant on ‘Wipe Out' as I scale the wall like a clumsy mountain goat. I have accomplished my mission and am feeling on top of the world (literally).

Here's a summary of my challenge:

  • Day 1: Reconstructed (a tourist section of the reconstructed wall)
  • Day 2: Sheer vastness (you can see how the wall goes on forever)
  • Day 3: Extreme (Wipeout contestant)
  • Day 4: Rugged & ruins (see how nature has claimed the wall back)
  • Day 5: Terrifying (landslide and vertical)

Mission accomplished on Mutianyu Great Wall

A few facts about the Wall:

  1. You can't actually see the wall from space,
  2. It is approximately 6300km long,
  3. The altitude is over 500 meters (1,600 feet),
  4. The first parts of the Great Wall were built in the 7th Century BC,
  5. The wall was built as a defence against potential enemies and nomandic tribes.

Praying for help…

So Gunbay (cheers) and here's to the end of my challenge and a well-deserved 450 pounds raised for the Samaritans.



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